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Disneyland explored.

Shop Disney: What is Disney Parks Merchandise & Where to Buy it

Disney merchandise is everywhere! You can even go to your local grocery store and find Disney plastic plates, cups, and more. But if you love visiting Disney Parks (Disneyland or Walt Disney World) and want a piece of it, there are specific places to find Disney merchandise that is made specifically for the Disney Parks.

NOTE: Disney Parks Merchandise is "stuff" that has been produced to be sold specifically at these designated Disney Parks locations: Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios. They have the DISNEY PARKS logo on the item, too. The logo could be on the clothing tag, price tag, or on the package. That's when you know that the item was specifically produced for and to be sold at one of the Disney parks mentioned before. 

Here are the places you can purchase Disney Parks Merchandise

1. The actual Disney Parks - Disneyland and Walt Disney Resorts

mad hatter.jpg

Of course the best place to be able to touch, feel, and purchase Disney Parks merchandise is when you are able to physically visit one of the Disney Parks. There is a variety of location and park specific available. It's more than your average souvenir item. You also have memories and and experience associated with the particular Disney Parks product that you buy. For example, when you are at Disneyland and get to go to The Mad Hatter to pick out and personalize you own Mickey Mouse ears, you can't get that experience or moment when ordering online. 

2. (Online shopping)

The Disney Store online has much more and different product offering from their physical store locations. When you shop Disney, they have a special section called DISNEY PARKS where you can browse and purchase the same merchandise that is sold inside the Disney Parks. It is a select offering but nonetheless, you can have a piece of Disney Parks without having to visit an actual Disney Park. They even have a generous selection of Disneyland Diamond Celebration merchandise available. So if you can't visit Disneyland during it's big 60th Celebration, you can still buy some of the 60th logo items from You can also purchase special Disney collaborations like Vera Bradley, Alex & Ani and Pandora directly from

3. Shop Disney Parks APP (New)

This is the newest option available for Disney Park fans. Disney released a new APP called, Shop Disney Parks. It's description reads as follows:

Shop for authentic Walt Disney World Resort merchandise with the Shop Disney Parks app! Browse thousands of gifts, accessories, collectibles and more, many of which have never before been sold outside of Disney Parks and Resorts

NOTE: The app is not even a month old so I will have a more extensive review after I've had a chance to play with it and order through the app, too.

One of the things about this particular app is that you can link your ID to either your Annual Pass or DVC membership so that you discount can apply.  I am entertained by the categories that you can browse through. If you see an item you are interested in, you can find out if you order it online, find it in a particular store, and see if it is available. Some items are only available at the physical location. 

So this mobile app really should be called "Shop Walt Disney World Parks". It's really geared for the merchandise offerings at the Walt Disney World Parks (Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studio). So if you've ever wanted purchase merchandise from the Florida Disney Parks, this is the place for you. You are supposed to be able to scan an item and be able to purchase it from your mobile device (I think that function is coming). You can look up an item and find out which Walt Disney Parks location has it.

4. Contact Merchandise Guest Services

If you forgot something or changed your mind about something you regretted not buying when you were at a Disney Park, you can always try to contact Merchandise Guest Services. The more information you have about the item you are looking for (what store you saw it in or the SKU number), the better that they can help you. The Merchandise Guest Service team is pretty helpful and can assist with your purchase of select items at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and even at the Aulani (the Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawai`i).

Yes, I want to enable you with your Disney shopping fix. The holidays are coming up so its never too early to think about shopping for your favorite Disney person on your list. Shopping for Disney Parks merchandise is more than just general Disney-themed apparel, home decor and Disney stuff. It's a piece of the Disney Parks that can help re-create an experience, a moment or memory. 

Happy Shopping!



Silhouette Portrait = Best, Unique, Inexpensive Disneyland Souvenir

photo from

photo from

The Silhouette Studio is located on Main Street, U.S.A. It is one of favorite stores at Disneyland. I think that one of the best, most unique, most personal and least expensive Disneyland souvenirs you can purchase is a silhouette. Here's why:

  1. It's personalized. It's your image.
  2. It's handcrafted by talented artists. They work super fast and attention to detail is amazing.
  3. The price is right. It's under $9.99 and an additional $16.95 for the frame.(Discounts only apply to frame. Don't discount on the artist & their work). 
  4. You actually receive two (2) images of your silhouette. 
  5. A treasured keepsake of your trip or to mark a special occasion.
  6. It's Disney art that you will proudly display in your home. 

The first time I had a silhouette done was for my wedding program almost 22 years ago. Since you get two images, I saved one to frame and the other I used for my wedding program. Now I have this extra image in my scrapbook. 

Me & MacSparky c. 1993

Me & MacSparky c. 1993

I brought each of my kids to have their silhouette cut for their 1st, 5th, 10th and 15th birthdays. When my oldest graduated high school last year, I had her silhouette done and put them on her graduation party invitations and favors. You can get the silhouettes cut out individually or together. You can even have a select Disney character silhouette alongside yours.

From their silhouettes, I could see little details of my kids growing up. As a mom, I treasure how I can see their profiles when they were a baby, toddler and young adult through these images. Documenting their childhood through these artist silhouettes is priceless!

The artist themselves are amazing and dedicated. There are only a handful of them who work at the Silhouette Studio. Spend time talking to them as they are also a wealth of Disney information. A couple of them have been there many years. 

Spend the extra to protect, preserve and show off you Disneyland silhouette. The frame has hidden Mickey's in the pattern. It completes the package and experience. 

Plastic frame with hidden Mickey's is additional purchase but worth it.

Plastic frame with hidden Mickey's is additional purchase but worth it.

It's probably one of the most overlooked stores on Main Street, U.S.A. It is a tiny treasure that you should really check out. For me, having a Disneyland artist cut your silhouette is a great Disneyland experience and one of the best and most valuable souvenirs you can take home and put on your wall to enjoy. Every time you look at it, lots of memories will warm your heart, too. 

Wishing you some Disney today!


Music Mondays: Scales & Arpeggios




Last week kid #1 discovered The Aristocats. It's the 20th animated feature in the Walt Disney Studio Animated Classic series. My kid fell in love with the character of Marie. There is fun song that Marie and the other kittens sing called, Scales and Arpeggios. It was written by Richard and Robert Sherman.

I also chose this song for this week because kid #2 starts school. She attends OCSA (Orange County School of the Arts) and is part of the Classical Voice conservatory. I always tease kid #2 and ask if they sing this particular song to do their warm ups. 

Happy Music Monday!


Shop Disney: Disney-themed Cookie Cutters, Jewelry, & Decals

Just about anyone and everyone can make Disney-themed products. They are not official Disney vendors or partners and most of the time they are simply Disney fans, too. These 3rd party vendors help fill a hole out there for Disney fans who want a variety of Disney-themed products. Here are a couple online shops I discovered this week.

A couple weeks ago, I saw this post (Nerdist) about Haunted Mansion Cookies. Of course I immediately wanted my own Haunted Mansion Cookie cutters only to find out that they were sold out. I contact the online store that made them, Sweet Prints, Inc, they kept me posted about then they would get them back in stock. That day was yesterday. I also bought a Star Wars and Baymax cookie cutter. 

Get yours soon whether it is for you or a gift. Think party themes, holidays and hostess gifts. There are so many fun designs so make sure you look through all the product offerings. 

Mickey Mouse Pearl Cage from AOS Design (ETSY).

Mickey Mouse Pearl Cage from AOS Design (ETSY).

One of my other favorite finds this week was an ETSY shop named AOS Design. According to their bio they "(We) specialize in artistic disney themed Princess and Villain themed jewelry." There are many unique jewelry designs and a variety of prices. I have many family birthdays plus the holidays so I am always on the lookout for unique and special gifts. I picked up one of these for one of my kids.  

My Belle decal on my MacBook is starting to come off so it's time to look for another one. Pictured below are two that I have had on my computer.  

I love ETSY because you can find just about anything on there. So many crafty people out there making beautiful handmade Disney-themed items from Mickey Mouse ears, to Disney Decals and character aprons. Doing a Disney search for a particular product (eg. Disney aprons, Disney ears, Disney decals) will bring all kinds of results and you'll discover some great artists. 

Finally, my youngest kid loves to sing and to play the ukulele. Hal Leonard is "the largest music print publisher." You can find just about any sheet music for voice and instruments on Hal Leonard. You purchase from them direct or you can also go to Amazon to buy some Hal Leonard publications. These are the two music books that are on the way to our home this week.

Social media is the great enabler. Not only can you see what's out there, but being able to purchase what you see is only a matter of clicks. You can feed whatever your fandom addiction it. 

Happy Shopping,



3 of My Favorite Exhibits at the D23 Expo, 2015

There was a lot to see on the D23 Expo floor but these were the three (3) D23 Expo exhibits or displays that I personally enjoyed the most.  

1. John Lasseter's Hawaiian Shirts: The Studio Collection

John Lasseter (Chief Creative Officer, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios) is known for his extensive Hawaiian shirt wardrobe. He is usually photographed at events sporting a Hawaiian shirt that features his latest project. It really fun to see these particular Hawaiian shirts on display that documented the different Pixar movies in chronological order.

2. Uniqlo: Magic for All Collection

I discovered Uniqlo ("uni-klo") about a year ago when they opened a location at South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa). So I was excited about the announcement that Uniqlo would be partnering with Disney for the Magic for All Collection. It was fun to actually see their booth at the D2e Expo where they had a huge offering of their new collection. The designs are fun and the price is reasonable.

Uniqlo had gathered 100 artist to help them with their Disney debut. The 100 artist display that was at the Uniqlo booth was really cool to see. You can see how some of the artist concepts were translated in to some of the apparel that was available. 

Most of the Magic for All collection is now available online

3. D23 Expo Design Challenge

D23 announced that they would host another Design Challenge for the 2015 D23 Expo. 

"D23 Expo Design Challenge will honor Disneyland’s Diamond Anniversary by encouraging artists young and young-at-heart to depict Sleeping Beauty Castle. Twenty-three pieces of finalist artwork will be on display throughout the D23 EXPO weekend on the show floor, located in the Walt Disney Archives area" (D23 announcement, March 2015)

Image from D23. D23 Design Challenge Winner, Nuri A. 

Image from D23. D23 Design Challenge Winner, Nuri A. 

The photos do not capture the detail and love that was evident in each artist submission. There was variety in the preferred artist medium and tools used. That's what made this exhibit so interesting to see. What and how the artist came up with in regards to theme of the design challenge was so fascinating.

Again, these were my personal favorites. There was a lot to see. My family really enjoyed the Shanghai Disneyland exhibit from Walt Disney Imagineering. Many waited in line to walk through the Walt Disney Archives Presents - Disneyland: The Exhibit. A runner up for me was The Walt Disney Studios where they showcased their upcoming live action, animated, and Pixar films.  

It's just like Disney to make sure that most every exhibit and display on the Expo floor was created with much thought and details. I look forward to the D23 Expo 2017 and know that it will be even bigger yet just as exciting.

Hope some pixie dust finds it way to you!


4 Things I Learned From the D23 Expo

I was lucky enough to get the time and energy to attend the D23 Expo 2015. I went all 3 days and here are 4 things that I learned.

D23 Expo was held at the Anaheim Convention Center

D23 Expo was held at the Anaheim Convention Center

1. Disney is much more than Mickey Mouse

In the last 25 years, The Walt Disney Company has grown by leaps and bounds. With notable acquisitions like Pixar, Marvel and LucasFilms, the Disney family tree has many branches. Divisions like Disney Consumer Products and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts have grown side by side so their elaborate booths and presence on the show floor reflected that. In addition to Consumer Products and Parks and Resorts, here were the other parts of the Walt Disney Company that were featured at the D23 Expo:

Walt Disney Archives

The Walt Disney Disney Studio (Pixar & LucasFilms fall under this division)

Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney Citizenship

Disney | ABC Television Group


Disney Music Emporium

Disney Desk

Disney Interactive

Maker Studios

Disney Visa Card

The Walt Disney Company will continue to grow and evolve in order to position themselves as the leader in worldwide entertainment. They are not just about Mickey Mouse and the theme parks. They can really leverage all the members in their family tree in order to create magical experiences in film, television, music, consumer products, theme parks and resorts.

2. You Get to Hang Out with Fellow Disney Fans

Whether you are a fan of the theme parks, movies, or art, there were lovers of Disney from all over the world. I met people from Australia, Germany, Costa Mesa, Texas, and everything in between. Lots of fans planned their vacation around this event that included lots of Disneyland on the side. Everyone was wearing some kind of Disney apparel, costume or were Disney Bounding. We all had something in common, a love for Disney. 

Me and some dedicated Disney fans.

Me and some dedicated Disney fans.


3. You Get to Meet the People Who Make the Magic

D23 Expo was a place where you could meet the people behind the scenes who make the Disney magic happen. From Disney Legends, actors, and current animators, there were many opportunities to meet some of these people. I have to confess I had some fan girl moments. It was fun to briefly meet some of my favorite Disney Imagineers responsible for creating landmark theme park attractions. 

4. You Get to Hear About How They Make the Disney Magic

There were a variety of panels where you could hear a variety of people talk about their crafts and experiences. It was tough to make some choices but the opportunity to hear some behind the scene stories from first person point of view is so interesting. There were presentations and panels of all sorts of sizes and content. There was a new Walt Disney Archives stage that was a smaller venue with speakers who presented historical and intimate "peeks behind the magic." 

Pixar presentation at Walt Disney Studio area. 

Pixar presentation at Walt Disney Studio area. 

Whew! It was an exhausting but mot fun D23 Expo yet. D23 began in 2009 as a Disney fan club. The D23 Expo (conventions) are held every other year. I remember going to the first one and you could see everything in a couple hours, there were not many presentations yet, and the Disney family tree was still small. Each D23 Expo 2015 exploded with so many offerings. I'll be back for the D23 Expo in 2017.

Sending lots of pixie dust!


If you looking to see some great video and photo recaps of the D23 Expo 2015, check out Inside the Magic and Disney Examiner.

Music Mondays: Mickey Mouse Club March

In addition to Disneyland's big Diamond Celebration, the Mickey Mouse Club is also celebrating 60 years. 



Yesterday at the D23 Expo, Mousketeers from the original Mickey Mouse Club series gathered together for a fun panel. The show used to start off with the iconic Mickey Mouse March.

This song was written by head Mouseketeer, Jimmie Dodd. At the end of the show, Jimmie sang a slowed down version of the song which has become known as the Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater. You know the tune, here are the famous words to say goodbye:

Now its time to say goodbye
to all our company.

(Spoken) see you real soon
(spoken) why? because we like you

See you real soon!








Shop Disney: Japan Disney merch coming to

Yesterday I visited the Disney Store booth at the D23 Expo. I came upon these cute product displays. 


Available online in Oct. 

Available online in Oct. 

I was told that this particular line of Disney products will be available at by October. Selected Disney Stores may make them available by your best bet will be online. Here are more photos of this product line.  


Character socks

Character socks

Mickey Mouse shaped playes

Mickey Mouse shaped playes

Cell phone covers  

Cell phone covers  


Just in time for fall birthdays and Christmas time, too. 

Happy Shopping! 


Disneyland Ambassadors Tell Their Stories

Back in May, I was able to attend a special Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Merchandise Event.  It was held a couple days before the official Celebration kickoff. The event took place at the Disneyland Hotel.

There were lots of special merchandise available plus a couple panels to attend. One of them was the Disneyland Resort Ambassador Panel. Comprised of several former Disneyland Ambassadors, they got to tell some great stories of what brought them to Disneyland, some interesting stories from their year as Disneyland Ambassador, and some special memories.

After 10 years, Walt Disney decided that he needed some help. The Disneyland Ambassadors are "Emissaries of Goodwill,” media representatives and as official hosts to Resort guests".

Since 1965, only 1 or 2 Disneyland Cast Members have been chosen to fulfill this role. Here is a video I took to capture. Sorry it is in the wrong view. I captured it as a live stream using Periscope. It was a Periscope video that I had saved on my iphone.  The video is just a little under 60 minutes. Each has interesting stories, especially Connie Swanson (1966). She was the last Disneyland Ambassador personally chosen by Walt and she shared several stories about her interaction with him. 

The following video features these former Disneyland Ambassadors: Quinn Shurian (2009-2010), Matt Ebling (2002), Heri Garcia (2001), Bonnie Delhoy (1994), Melissa Tyler Wakerman (1985), Emily ZInser (1972) and Connie Swanson (1966). Current Disneyland Ambassador, Allie Kawamoto was the panel moderator. 

My favorite antidote is when Connie Swanson recalls: "I remember Walt would write stuff down on napkins then tuck it into his pocket. I always knew there was magic on that written napkin."

Here are some photos I took of the different outfits that the Disneyland Ambassadors have worn. So fun to see how the look and program has evolved. Several former Disneyland Ambassadors brought in their official outfits and personal momentos of their tenure. 


As the panel spoke and interacted with each other, you could tell how much of a family they are. When you consider that in the 50 years of the Ambassador program, there are very few chosen out of the thousands of Cast Members Disneyland has been employed in that time frame. It is a very rigorous process to apply, interview and be selected. 

I shared this segment with you as new Disney Legends are being recognized at this weekends D23 Expo. One of the recipients is Julie Reihm, the first ever Disneyland Ambassador (1965).

2001 Disneyland Ambassador, Heri Garcia & me.

2001 Disneyland Ambassador, Heri Garcia & me.

If I have to pick a favorite Disneyland Ambassador, I would have to pick Heri Garcia (2001). You see, I was one of Heri's managers at the time he went through the process and was chosen as Ambassador. I remember the pride of the our fellow Cast Members at our attraction (Innoventions). We took over the balcony on the Main Street Train Station to position ourselves to cheer Heri on. It was quite a celebration when we heard his name called. 

Disneyland Ambassadors are a special group of people who had a special job of connecting with the local, national and international worlds.

Cheers to all the Disneyland Parks Ambassadors yesterday, now and tomorrow!


What's up with this Exploding Kittens game? (Review)

Billed as the most successful Kickstarter game project, EXPLODING KITTENS, is a crazy, zany fun game to play with your family and friends. It is described as "a highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette." The creators of this game were hoping to sell 500. They ended up with over 460,000 copies being ordered by very enthusiastic backers. 

First, the packaging is cool. It comes in a small bright blue box that can't be missed. Apparently my neighbors got one because their blue box of Exploding Kittens was accidentally left in our mailbox (we have nicknamed our assigned postal employee, NEUMAN, several years ago. He does not (or does) disappoint). I can only imagine what our local post office looked like when cases of these arrived to their area for delivery.

Two versions of game: Original and NSFW option.

Two versions of game: Original and NSFW option.

MacSparky was so enthralled by the concept and game that he ordered two decks: the original and NSFW version. They arrived in the same package. The letter that arrived with our blue box was just as entertaining as the game.

Contents of backer letter enclosed with package. 

Contents of backer letter enclosed with package. 

The game simply consists of very entertaining, clever and original card decks. There is a ton of info and video on their website so you can see how to play. The games don't take very long and you need a minimum of 2 players with a max of 5 players. It was quick and easy to learn. Hilarity ensued soon after the cards were drawn. 

When you  open the box, it goes "meow".

When you  open the box, it goes "meow".

Sparks Family Verdict: We laughed, we schemed, we had a great time playing Exploding Kittens. We like things that sparkle and explode!

5 fireworks out of 5!

Better order now if you are thinking about gifting someone Exploding Kittens for their fall birthday or Christmas gift. Would make a great host gift for any party, too. It is something different and will keep everyone laughing. It's so silly, it's good!

Happy Game Night!


Music Mondays: Where the Dream Takes You (Atlantis)

Over the weekend my family and I watched the Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001). I couple things to quickly mention that learned. The movie was produced by Don Hahn (Beauty & the Beast, The Lion King and Maleficent (2014) and Joss Whedon (Agents of Shield, Avengers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer). The main character in this movie is Milo Thatch who is voiced by Michael J. Fox. It was a pretty interesting movie with lots more voices you might recognize. 

Anyways, at the very end of the movie, there is a ballad that plays through the credits. Written by songwriter, Diane Warren (How Do I Live, Music in My Heart, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing), the song is called Where the Dream Takes You. It is sung by pop star, Mýa 

The song has some great lyrics and message that reflects the movie about the search for Atlantis and also following whatever the dream is in your heart. In the movie, there is misfit but endearing cast of supporting characters that all have individual dreams. You can't help but root for them. 

There's something in your soul
That won't be denied
It's the faith to dream that keeps the dream alive
So you still believe and you know you must go

Where the dream takes you

First, I think this is an underrated Disney movie. It's kinda of a sci-fi adventure film. Maybe it was before it's time or maybe it was just bad timing. This song that was released with the movie is a bit underrated, too. It's got a great song title and lyrics. It has that epic kind of sound. Maybe if someone with a more powerful voice had sung it, Where the Dream Takes You could have had a chance to climb the charts in the way that songs like A Whole New World, Beauty of the Beast and Let It Go did. Make time to watch Atlantis, The Lost Empire

Happy Music Monday,


Shop Disney: Disneyland Parks Personalized Leather Goods

I like it when there is themed merchandise that makes sense and is found in the proper Disneyland area. For example, in Frontierland, having leather goods goes with the theme of the area. It is something that you might buy in Frontierland as opposed to Tomorrowland. What makes it extra special is that you can have a Disneyland souvenir that you can personalize, too. 

Over at the Pioneer Mercantile located near the entrance of Frontierland, you can find these fun leather accessories. 

Note that the sign says "Free Engraving Available". It seems that it always depends on the Cast Member that day if they will allow nicknames or other pet names to be engraved. They will also engrave dates if you want to commemorate your visit or a special date.  The character selection is limited to Mickey, Minnie, the Princesses and Frozen (of course). They have some special Diamond 60th Celebration offerings, too.

There are some non-Disney leather bands available so if you are looking for a personalized gift, this is a good option. Remember, there is no extra charge for engraving. 

Happy Shopping!


Shop Disney: Haunted Mansion & Nightmare Before Christmas Playing Cards

Today I am going to start a new blog series, "SHOP DISNEY." One of my favorite things to do at Disneyland Parks is to stroll through the stores and see what is new and fun. I usually don't buy much unless I really need to have it, but I see many things that I know several of my Disney-loving friends would enjoy. 

I came upon these playing cards. How cool is the packaging! The coffin shape is so perfect for The Haunted Mansion and The Nightmare Before Christmas

Front of packaging. 

Front of packaging. 

I love the front design of the playing cards. It is both classic and iconic to The Haunted Mansion and The Nightmare Before Christmas. The back of the package shows you what the cards will actually look like. 

Back of package: The Haunted Mansion playing cards. 

Back of package: The Haunted Mansion playing cards. 

Back of package: The Nightmare Before Christmas Playing card

Back of package: The Nightmare Before Christmas Playing card

I love these playing cards. I think they are the perfect gift or addition to anyone who loves The Haunted Mansion or The Nightmare Before Christmas. They are a good value as well. I am going to buy some and put them on handmade cards and scrapbook pages. I think they are the perfect embellishment.

This new blog series is a way I can share some of my merchandise findings with you. If you know of something or curious about a particular Disney subject, send me an email: I can't promise but I can look for you and be your virtual personal shopper. 

By the way, you can contact Merchandise Services by telephone at 877-560-6477 or by email at (applicable sales tax plus shipping and handling fees will apply; and availability of select items may change). 
Being very specific about an item will help.

Hold on to you may be in for a costly ride!




Music Mondays: Disneyland (from Smile)

I heard this song at the end of World of Color the other week and had to find out more about it. Here's what I discovered.

"Disneyland" is a song written by Marvin Hamlish with lyrics by Howard Ashman for a musical called Smile in 1983. The first person to sing it was Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel and Disney Legend). How interesting is that? Ashman would later write the lyrics for Little Mermaid (1989) and Benson would be the one to sing in the Disney classic movie.

The musical, Smile, was not well received and closed soon after it opened with only 48 performances on record. There was not even a cast record so the songs from this musical are not well documented. However, I was obsessed in finding a recording. There were some on YouTube and I did managed to find an out of circulation CD compilation that contained this particular song sung by Jodi Benson. I was also able to easily locate and purchase the sheet music.

Purchased on

Purchased on

sheet music available at

sheet music available at

After looking at the lyrics and hearing the original Disneyland song, it seems that the words were changed a bit for the World of Color encore finale. You have to stick around to hear the World of Color version. It comes on way after the show is over and plays as most people have left the show area. Here is my short video so you can hear the current version. 

Here are some the original lyrics from the musical:

Someone give me
Take me there!
To Disneyland
And when I get to Disneyland
I'll stay

I do like the way the lyrics were altered a bit. It goes perfect with the current World of Color show which is officially called "World of Color – Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney".

"I believe in Disneyland!"


On a Mission: App Camp For Girls

Hello from Portland!

I am volunteering at App Camp For Girls. This camp is a week long adventure for jr. high girls to learn about "designing and building apps while learning more about the business of software and being inspired by women mentors in the field." They refer to the participants as "developers" vs. "campers." By the end of this week, the young developers will have built a quiz test (app) and present their app to a panel for feedback (like 'guppy bowl' instead of 'shark tank').

It's a pretty great concept. Coding is only going to get bigger as more businesses will need and demand this skills from their workforce. Exposing girls to this software and tech world and showing them what opportunities are out there is a worth planting a seed to bloom in the future. I feel that it App Camp for Girls is such a fabulous and worthy program that I am volunteering this week so I can see how it all works in hopes to bring this program to Orange County (CA) by next summer.

If you are looking for more information, please visit the App Camp for Girls website. You can support them through donations, interest in their future camps, or volunteer your time to help at on of the future camps. You can also support them by downloading their App Camp Quiz Compendium. It has quizzes that were created by past camp project teams. It's only 99 cents in the App Store

Thanks for reading this particular post. If you know someone who should read this or is interested in App Camp For Girls as a donor, participant or volunteer, please feel free to share this post. 

Happy Thursday!