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Disneyland explored.

Music Monday: Incredibles 2 Theme Music

My family is getting pretty excited about Incredibles 2 that is coming out in June. The music in the first movie was composed by Oscar winner Michael Giacchino and he's back with more. Over the weekend, Giacchino teased his Instagram followers with some teaser footage from the studio recording of Incredibles 2. 

One of my favorite posts was this behind the scene clip. Turns out that Don Williams is brother to another Oscar winning composer with the same last name.

The Incredibles theme song is so iconic and instantly recognizable. It gives you that sense of excitement and suspense. My husband, MacSparky, describes it the Incredibles music as a nod to the 1960s TV shows with that Peter Gunn style. If you haven't listened to the original Incredibles soundtrack, download it. You'll enjoy it and it will get you excited to hear what Giacchino will bring to Incredibles 2. 

Happy Music Monday!


Music Monday: Disney Pixar Hits

The DIsneyland Resort is preparing to celebrate Pixar Fest beginning April 13 through September. I think we are going to hear a lot of music from the Pixar music catalog. If you want a good compilation of some of the most iconic Pixar songs from some of the Pixar films, here is a good album to put on your playlist.

Pixar Greatest hits.jpg

Pixar music really is an integral part of its movies. What are some of your favorite Pixar songs?

Happy Music Monday!


Music Monday: Disney Jazz Vol 1

My husband, MacSparky, was listening to a jazz version of "You've Got a Friend of Me" from Toy Story. He is a big fan of jazz artist, Joshua Redmond. Anyways, I asked MacSparky what album he was listening to and he told me it was from a Disney jazz compilation.

Gotta love the name of the album! It's perfect for the music genre. 

There are lots of great Disney songs on this album from a variety of jazz musicians. I am sure you will find one that you will like. It is great to listen to in the car, as you work, or if you just need some soothing Disney tunes. 

Happy Music Monday!


Happy Pi Day, Disney Style

What better way to celebrate Pi Day, March 14th (3.14), than with something Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse is designed with a variety of circles. Different size and shapes of circles put in a specific configuration can make the iconic Mickey Mouse design. 

 Image from  Disney Family

Image from Disney Family

I found this image from Disney Family. Check out their fun post, "5 Disney-Inspired Pies for Pi Day."

Happy Pi Day!


Music Monday: March Madness with Disney Songs

It's not too late to check out this fun Disney style March Madness bracket over on the D23 website.  It's called March Hare Mania. 


They also have a March Hare Spotify list that you can peruse, listen or download. Than visit the D23 website each week to vote and play along. Download and print out the bracket so you can keep track of your Disney song choices. 


Happy Music Monday!


Music Monday: A History of Disney Oscar Nominated Music

Congratulations to songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez on their Best Original Song win for "Remember Me" from the Disney movie, Coco. The song was really a big part of the movie so it was a well deserved win. You can see their acceptance speech here. 

 photo from  Deadline Hollywood .

photo from Deadline Hollywood.

I found a website that lists all the Disney songs and their movies that have been nominated for some kind of Oscar category such as Best Original Song and Original Score. Check out THIS WEBSITE and double click through the different years. Kind of a fun list to peruse. Use it to make a song playlist. 

 Image from  DisneyClips

Image from DisneyClips

Happy Music Monday!


Friday Find: Unique Personalized Disney & Star Wars Totes

My husband, MacSparky, received this really cool tote as a Christmas gift. He uses it to put his water bottle and other items that he wants to carry downstairs and back up. It is a nice little size to also throw things in when you have to bring a handful of essentials to the car. 

Disney Bags 2.jpg

It comes from an online company, APOLIS. They offer a variety of sizes and design options. They make other products like apparel. I think these bags (lunch size) make perfect gifts for any occasion. The photo below if the view from the other side of the canvas bag.

It is very well made and I like the look of it. The leather handles add an extra nice touch. I had to have one, too, and it was fun trying to think what I wanted on mine. You could have up to three personalized lines. I liked the way MacSparky's looked so that was my starting point. The rest was easy.

I really love the way mine came out. Ordering was super easy and it shipped within the time period I was given. It actually came within a week. I do use it to carry my lunch, iPad and some other things back and forth to work. That's my S'well bottle that is peaking in the photo. This smaller size is not too big or too small so that it is easy to carry around. It is pretty sturdy. Visit APOLIS to get one for yourself. 

Happy Friday Find!


Music Monday: Fantasia 2000

The other week, I was able to view a portion of Disney's 38th animated feature, Fantasia 2000. I forgot how beautiful the movie and music is in one Disney film. 

My favorite segment is Rhapsody in Blue for several reasons. One, I've always loved this song. Two, it is written by an American composer (Gershwin). Three, this particular segment was directed well-known animator, Eric Goldberg. Goldberg approached famous cartoonist, "Al Hirschfeld about the idea of an animated short set to Gershwin's composition in the style of Hirschfeld's illustrations." Finally, it is just a really great part of the movie set with the complicated animation drawn to a classic song.

Happy (late) Music Monday,


Music Monday: Who Framed Roger Rabbit Soundtrack

Last week, Toontown (Disneyland), celebrated its 25th anniversary. When it opened, one of it's most high profile residents was Roger Rabbit. Back then, you could find this character roaming around and available for photo ops in Toontown. He was made famous with the 1988 movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The soundtrack that accompanied the film was composed by Alan Silvestri. The music has a jazz vibe to it that compliments the era that the movie is set in. The score was performed by the London Symphonic Orchestra. You can find this soundtrack on Amazon and iTunes. 

Happy Music Monday!


Friday Find: Commemorative Toontown Ticket - 1996

This week marks the 25th anniversary of Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland. I found this special ticket that was made available to Cast Members as a special purchase. It came in a special enevelope.

It is a very long ticket and measures 13.5 inches in length. The artwork is very fun and colorful. It features Toontown's most famous resident, Roger Rabbit

Here is back of the ticket. Yes, in January of 1996, a one day ticket was $30.00. My ticket is still good and would be honored today for general admission for Disneyland but I think I will just keep it as is and say "Happy 25th, Toontown!."

Happy Friday!