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Music Monday: Disney Jazz Vol 1

My husband, MacSparky, was listening to a jazz version of "You've Got a Friend of Me" from Toy Story. He is a big fan of jazz artist, Joshua Redmond. Anyways, I asked MacSparky what album he was listening to and he told me it was from a Disney jazz compilation.

Gotta love the name of the album! It's perfect for the music genre. 

There are lots of great Disney songs on this album from a variety of jazz musicians. I am sure you will find one that you will like. It is great to listen to in the car, as you work, or if you just need some soothing Disney tunes. 

Happy Music Monday!


Music Monday: Who Framed Roger Rabbit Soundtrack

Last week, Toontown (Disneyland), celebrated its 25th anniversary. When it opened, one of it's most high profile residents was Roger Rabbit. Back then, you could find this character roaming around and available for photo ops in Toontown. He was made famous with the 1988 movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The soundtrack that accompanied the film was composed by Alan Silvestri. The music has a jazz vibe to it that compliments the era that the movie is set in. The score was performed by the London Symphonic Orchestra. You can find this soundtrack on Amazon and iTunes. 

Happy Music Monday!


Music Monday: Get ready for Disney Pixar's COCO soundtrack

I am very excited about the new Disney Pixar movie release, COCO. Disney Music Emporium today made available the COCO soundtrack with a special offer with pre-order. 

 image from Disney Music Emporium

image from Disney Music Emporium

Know that COCO is not a traditional Disney musical movie. While music is a big part of the story but specific songs are not woven in to tell its story.  You can listen to some music clips at THIS POST. One of the prominent songs from the movie is called "Remember Me" which was composed by Frozen songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Michael Giacchino (Inside Out, Star Trek, Rouge One) is credited for providing the score to this new movie. 

I am excited for the movie and soundtrack. The music in most Disney movies are just as iconic and important to the story. All pre-orders ship on November 8th which is well ahead of the November 22nd movie release date. Plus, you'll have a special ornament for your tree this year. 

Off to shop....Happy Music Monday!


Music Monday: Disney EPCOT Soundtrack - Tapestry of Dreams

Yesterday, EPCOT celebrated it's 35th birthday. I remember when this CD made its debut and immediately became a fan favorite. 

EPCOT Illuminations.jpg

This CD, EPCOT, Tapestry of Dreams was released around 1999. Just in time to celebrate the Millennium Celebration that took place at EPCOT. It contains the music from the Tapestry of Dreams parade that occurred at World Showcase. The most famous tune would be"Reflections of Earth" which you would hear at the IllumiNations night time show in the World Showcase area. Also included was "Promise" which is the song that played when you exited Epcot. 

The soundtrack is no longer available at the Parks but you can find copies on the secondary markets. 

Happy 35th, EPCOT!


Music Monday: Disney Music Emporium at D23 Expo

One of the fun things to be able to do at the D23 Expo is to meet a variety of Disney-type celebs from Imagineers, historians, actors, singers and composers. My kids have grown up with the music of Michael Giacchino ("juh-key-no") who has contributed much to the Pixar music catalog. So when we found out he had a signing scheduled, we immediately put that on our schedule as a priority. 

 Disney Music Emporium at D23 Expo, 2017. 

Disney Music Emporium at D23 Expo, 2017. 

Disney Music Emporium has been a popular fixture at the D23 Expo. With the popularity of vinyl, their booth has become more popular. We were able to choose our record and each get a wristband for the signing. I was appreciative that we could do this the day before the signing.

My youngest daughter loves the score from Inside Out and her favorite character is Sadness. There was a special 45 RPM that was being individually sold. You could buy the character's music/record. So that is what I bought to get signed. You could choose to have your actual viynl and/or art cover signed

Giacchino was genuinely nice and did take a minute to greet and talk with each person who approached him. I thanked him being the soundtrack of my kids' childhood. The cast members at the booth were super nice and even took our cameras to capture the moment. I was thankful that they weren't too pushy and did not rush people through the organized line.

My older daughter and husband, MacSparky, both chose a Star Wars record, Rouge One. My daughter would have choose Ratatouille and MacSparky would have reached for The Incredibles but those weren't available at the booth. But they were both happy to have the opportunity and purchase such a great soundtrack. MacSparky actually told Giacchino how excited he was when he heard that he (Giacchino) had gotten the opportunity to write music for the Star Wars franchise.

Happy Music Monday!