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Music Monday: March Madness with Disney Songs

It's not too late to check out this fun Disney style March Madness bracket over on the D23 website.  It's called March Hare Mania. 


They also have a March Hare Spotify list that you can peruse, listen or download. Than visit the D23 website each week to vote and play along. Download and print out the bracket so you can keep track of your Disney song choices. 


Happy Music Monday!


Music Monday: A History of Disney Oscar Nominated Music

Congratulations to songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez on their Best Original Song win for "Remember Me" from the Disney movie, Coco. The song was really a big part of the movie so it was a well deserved win. You can see their acceptance speech here. 

 photo from  Deadline Hollywood .

photo from Deadline Hollywood.

I found a website that lists all the Disney songs and their movies that have been nominated for some kind of Oscar category such as Best Original Song and Original Score. Check out THIS WEBSITE and double click through the different years. Kind of a fun list to peruse. Use it to make a song playlist. 

 Image from  DisneyClips

Image from DisneyClips

Happy Music Monday!


Friday Find: Unique Personalized Disney & Star Wars Totes

My husband, MacSparky, received this really cool tote as a Christmas gift. He uses it to put his water bottle and other items that he wants to carry downstairs and back up. It is a nice little size to also throw things in when you have to bring a handful of essentials to the car. 

Disney Bags 2.jpg

It comes from an online company, APOLIS. They offer a variety of sizes and design options. They make other products like apparel. I think these bags (lunch size) make perfect gifts for any occasion. The photo below if the view from the other side of the canvas bag.

It is very well made and I like the look of it. The leather handles add an extra nice touch. I had to have one, too, and it was fun trying to think what I wanted on mine. You could have up to three personalized lines. I liked the way MacSparky's looked so that was my starting point. The rest was easy.

I really love the way mine came out. Ordering was super easy and it shipped within the time period I was given. It actually came within a week. I do use it to carry my lunch, iPad and some other things back and forth to work. That's my S'well bottle that is peaking in the photo. This smaller size is not too big or too small so that it is easy to carry around. It is pretty sturdy. Visit APOLIS to get one for yourself. 

Happy Friday Find!


Music Monday: Fantasia 2000

The other week, I was able to view a portion of Disney's 38th animated feature, Fantasia 2000. I forgot how beautiful the movie and music is in one Disney film. 

My favorite segment is Rhapsody in Blue for several reasons. One, I've always loved this song. Two, it is written by an American composer (Gershwin). Three, this particular segment was directed well-known animator, Eric Goldberg. Goldberg approached famous cartoonist, "Al Hirschfeld about the idea of an animated short set to Gershwin's composition in the style of Hirschfeld's illustrations." Finally, it is just a really great part of the movie set with the complicated animation drawn to a classic song.

Happy (late) Music Monday,


Music Monday: Who Framed Roger Rabbit Soundtrack

Last week, Toontown (Disneyland), celebrated its 25th anniversary. When it opened, one of it's most high profile residents was Roger Rabbit. Back then, you could find this character roaming around and available for photo ops in Toontown. He was made famous with the 1988 movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The soundtrack that accompanied the film was composed by Alan Silvestri. The music has a jazz vibe to it that compliments the era that the movie is set in. The score was performed by the London Symphonic Orchestra. You can find this soundtrack on Amazon and iTunes. 

Happy Music Monday!


Friday Find: Commemorative Toontown Ticket - 1996

This week marks the 25th anniversary of Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland. I found this special ticket that was made available to Cast Members as a special purchase. It came in a special enevelope.

It is a very long ticket and measures 13.5 inches in length. The artwork is very fun and colorful. It features Toontown's most famous resident, Roger Rabbit

Here is back of the ticket. Yes, in January of 1996, a one day ticket was $30.00. My ticket is still good and would be honored today for general admission for Disneyland but I think I will just keep it as is and say "Happy 25th, Toontown!."

Happy Friday!


Music Monday: Minnie's Yoo Hoo

Today, Minnie Mouse received her very own star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. She joins other Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, and Winnie-the-Pooh. You can re-watch the ceremony HERE

There is a song called Minnie's Yoo-Hoo that was written by Walt Disney (lyrics) and Carl Stalling (lyrics and music). It was first heard in the 1929 cartoon called Mickey's Follies

Congratulations, Minnie's Mouse! You are a super star! No one can rock a bow or dots like Minnie!

Happy Music Monday!


Friday Find: DIsneyland Castle Night Light

One of my favorite Christmas gifts that I received was this beautiful nightlight. My family knows me so well. I have to ask my sister-in-law where she got it and get more info.  

Dland Night light 3.JPG

I love that it is the Disneyland castle. The fireworks make it even more magical. Gotta love the added detail of the Mickey head firework.

It kind of looks like ceramic but feels like some kind of sturdy paper mache. It is very lightweight. Here is a front and back view.

Happy Friday!


Friday Find: Disney Merchandise from Primark

Hello! Hello!

Sorry for no posts the past couple of weeks. I was on a crazy family vacation which I will write some posts soon.

While my family was in London, my daughter introduced me to a popular chain of stores called, Primark. It's like a mixture of H&M and Forever 21. They had some official Disney merchandise exclusive to their chain. 

 Disney accessories.

Disney accessories.

Check out these fun pajamas for women. 

They even had an area where you could buy personalized Disney t-shirts. How cool is that?

There were a lot of really cute and unique bags. 

Here are my Primark buys. I couldn't pass up the quirky Chip backpack. I can't wait to use it for my Disneyland trips. I also found some keychains and cheap jewelry pieces which I will tear apart and use as scrapbook elements. 

Primark stores are everywhere in London. There are some Primark stores in the US but most of them are located in the East Coast. You can go online to learn more about Primark

Happy Friday!


Friday Find: Santa with Disney Babies Musical Figurine

Every year when I put out my Christmas decorations, there are of course some very special pieces that brings reminds me of cherished memories. That is part of the point of Christmas decorating, right? Here is a special musical figurine that I bought when for my daughter's first Christmas (1996).

It is a very traditional musical figurine with a wind-up mechanism that plays a music box. Baby Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse go up and down on their teeter-totter while Santa looks on. The music box tune is "Here Comes Santa Claus."

I remember purchasing this at Disneyland. It is not a fancy musical figurine but there are a lot of years of special memories attached to it. Both my kids loved to just wind it up, listen to "Here Comes Santa Claus" and watch Baby Mickey and Minnie go up and down. Do you have any special Christmas decorations that reminds you of special memories?

Happy Friday!


Music Monday: The Whimsy Works by Richard Sherman

Today, October 16, marks the anniversary of the Walt Disney Studio. It's the day recognized when the Disney Brothers (Walt and Roy) opened up their Los Angeles studio on Kingswell Ave in 1923. After the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, they would move their studio to Burbank where it grew and still stands today. 

Disney Legend, Richard Sherman, wrote a song called "The Whimsy Works" that is about Walt and what is was like working on the Walt Disney Studio lot. It was actually written for a 2016 show called "L.A. Now and Then - A Musical Review." If you watch this D23 video at 2:37, you can watch Sherman talk about this particular song and hear him play it on the actual piano in Walt Disney's office. 

Here is a the actual song number from the musical review. It's kind of fun to hear this original and new-ish song from Sherman after all the years that have passed when he used to write for Walt Disney.

Coincidently, my youngest daughter was able to attend a special lecture class at her high school last week where Sherman spoke to the students about song composition and his long career. My daughter said he shared many Disney stories, too. Sherman did talk about "The Whimsy Works" and he closed their session with a rendition of "it's a small world." You can read about Sherman's visit to my daughter's high school in this article

Happy Music Monday!


Friday Find: Mickey Mouse Pins c. 2000

I found this fun Cast Exclusive Mickey Mouse pin that says it all....
 back of pin

back of pin

This particular pin was a Cast Exclusive as noted in the back. I have a feeling that it may have been something that was available at the time around the opening of Disney California Adventure since one of the images is of the bear icon of Grizzly River Run. 

I think the next pin was probably something that I also bought around the same time. I love that the pin is of the famous phrase that you see before going under the train tunnels as you enter Main Street U.S.A. It is a mini replica of the plaque. It also has a hanging piece with the dates 1995 to 2000. It could be to celebrate the millennium and/orDisneyland's 45 year anniversary.

These next two pins are interesting. I know the one with Walt Disney and Mickey is from my Disney employee credit union which is called, "PARTNERS." The other is just a fun classic image of Mickey Mouse. These two pins do not have a traditional pin back like you are used to seeing these days. 

I am going through my Disney pins and sorting them out. I figured that these all kind of go together. 

Happy Friday!