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Friday Find: Santa with Disney Babies Musical Figurine

Every year when I put out my Christmas decorations, there are of course some very special pieces that brings reminds me of cherished memories. That is part of the point of Christmas decorating, right? Here is a special musical figurine that I bought when for my daughter's first Christmas (1996).

It is a very traditional musical figurine with a wind-up mechanism that plays a music box. Baby Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse go up and down on their teeter-totter while Santa looks on. The music box tune is "Here Comes Santa Claus."

I remember purchasing this at Disneyland. It is not a fancy musical figurine but there are a lot of years of special memories attached to it. Both my kids loved to just wind it up, listen to "Here Comes Santa Claus" and watch Baby Mickey and Minnie go up and down. Do you have any special Christmas decorations that reminds you of special memories?

Happy Friday!


Photo Tour: 2016 Disney CA Adventure Food & Wine Festival

These are the final days to experience Food & Wine as Sunday, May 1st will be the last day.

The 2016 Food and Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure (DCA) has been a fun event offering. First, I think it's great that DCA finally has something exciting offered at this Park (vs. Disneyland). Second, how can you not love an event that has special food and wine offerings?

Each event booth has been inspired by California cuisine. There is a special Food & Wine Map that you can pick up to guide you. Here is my photo tour of the Festival Marketplace.

LA Style:  Celebrating the ethnic food fusion in the LA scene.

The Vineyard and Wine Country: Celebration of the Northern California vineyards and farms.

!Viva Fresca!: Experience Mexican inspired favorites made with some street flair.

Gold Rush: Try some small plates that reflect the California spirit.

The Farm: These dishes are packed with flavor and have that "farm to table" note. 

By the Bay: Delicious food offerings to celebrate the San Francisco area. 


There are a total of 8 Festival Marketplace booths to visit. Two of them sell only alcoholic drinks while the other six have a combination of food and drinks. Some of the nearby restaurants offer Festival inspired items. 

Go early to beat the crowd. The last weekend is sure to be busy. Pace yourself and go with a friend. Visit my post, My 3 Tips for Food & Wine Festival, for more.

Happy Eats!


Music Monday: Disney Music Books

I have a different kind of post for Music Monday. My kid sings and she is a student at OCSA (Orange County School of the Arts) in the Classical Voice Conservatory. On her free time, she loves to sing a lot of other songs like Disney songs. She is also learning to play the ukulele. I have to admit that I love hearing the sound of the ukulele. We found this music book that combined both Disney and the ukulele.


We usually go to the Hal Leonard site because they have just about every kind of song and every kind of music genre available. They have music books available for every level and instrument, too. Sheet music for singles are also available. Hal Leonard has been around awhile and is a major publishing force in the music world. Sometimes I will go on their site to find a song or song book but will end up buying it from Amazon. Hal Leonard sells through Amazon. 

Music stores went the way of the fax machine. If you need some sheet music or song books, it is all on the internet. If you need some Disney sheet music, check out Hal Leonard. If you are looking for any kind of music , bookmark Hal Leonard as a great resource for all your sheet music needs. 

Happy Music Monday!


CARROT = A Most Entertaining Weather App

The weather is big news everywhere, especially in Southern California. We joke here that when it rains, it is "STORMWATCH (insert year)" and it makes the headlines. This year it is most interesting because of the El Niño factor

I know there are lots of weather apps out there. I have several and like the local news weather apps since they seem to be the most reliable for me. However, I am most entertained by this weather app, CARROT. My husband, MacSparky, told me about it and this app makes you look forward to finding out what the forecast is. 

Here are a few screen shots from that last couple days to show you why it is a different kind of weather app.

There are even secret locations you can unlock and discover.

Looking at the weather forecast doesn't have to be boring. Check out CARROT and download for some weather fun. Turn on the sound every so often and listen to the app telling you the weather forecast is kind of entertaining too. 

Stay warm and dry!


12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 4

12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 4

Christmas Stockings

Here are our family Christmas stockings. The two on the left, Mickey & Minnie belong to MacSparky and me. The two on the right belong to my two kids. I bought the Mickey and Minnie stockings from the Disney store in the early 90's. They are pretty large. They have some fun appliqué details.

These next two belong to my kids. I bought the Tigger stocking in 1996, when my oldest daughter was born. I bought it from the Disney store. I was happy that the appliqué theme coordinated with the Mickey and Minnie stocking.

This next Christmas stocking was one that I purchased after my second daughter was born in 2001. I also got this one at the Disney Store. That year, this Snowman Mickey was their design theme. I also like the Mickey Mouse snowflakes that are on the cuff.

By the time my second daughter was born in 2001, Christmas stockings with the foot facing left were hard to come by. That is one of the reasons the Snowman Mickey stocking is a little bit smaller than the others. My choices were limited. I am not sure when left foot facing stockings were phased out but I just felt lucky enough to find one that matched the rest of our family. 

If you look at most of the character type Christmas stockings in the stores today, they are all right foot facing. How about yours?

My family loves to our Christmas stockings and looks forward to having them filled with goodies. We usually wake up Christmas morning and take turns to open our gifts that we have picked out for each other. Then we have breakfast. It is after that when we see what Santa left in our stockings. It is great fun to reach into out Christmas stockings and find all kinds of surprises. 

Ho! Ho! Ho!


12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 3 - Stocking Holders

12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 3

Christmas Stocking Holders

 12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 3 - Christmas Stocking Holders

12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 3 - Christmas Stocking Holders

 Mantle design by MacSparky

Mantle design by MacSparky

These are our Christmas stocking holders. We finally added this mantle over our fireplace a couple years ago with these in mind. They are very heavy so my husband, MacSparky, designed the ledge to be sturdy enough to hold these. 

MacSparky and I have had our stocking holders since 1993, the year we got married. I got him this very detailed Mickey Mouse stocking holder which I purchased at Disneyland. It has all kinds of fun elements all the way around that include the small Alice in Wonderland doll to the present with the gift tag addressed to Minnie Mouse. 

My stocking holder was the perfect one for me. I have this awesome handmade watch cabinet that MacSparky made me so it kind of ties in. It compliments my watch collection. My stocking holder coordinates with this timepiece ornament that hangs on my Disney watch cabinet. The vintage pie-eye Mickey Mouse that sits at the top of the stocking holder is such a classic image. I can't remember where I bought this but it's 22 years old and looks great on my mantle. 

When my daughter was born, I purchased this Winnie the Pooh stocking holder from the Disney Store. You don't see this detail right away but Piglet is behind Pooh holding onto him. It's a very fun design to look like Pooh and Piglet are being strong to hold up what my daughter hopes will always be a full Christmas stocking. 

Finally, this next Mickey Mouse stocking holder was something that my youngest daughter purchased last year. We had been never been happy with her stocking holder so this was a great replacement. The design is great as it is the most sturdy and stable of all the stocking holders we have. The gold Mickey Mouse shaped base holds both Mickey and his vintage style ornament. It's fun to see him peaking from behind it as if he is up to something. 

I'll show you our actual Christmas stockings tomorrow. I have a funny story about them as they were all bought at different times but all coordinate.

Happy Christmas!


12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 2

12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 2

Tree Topper

I can't remember exactly how old our Disney themed tree topper is. I looked through my photo archive and can guess that it is at least 10 years old, if not a little more. My girls were little when we got this angel tree topper. They loved her then and still love to see her adorn the top of our Christmas tree. 

 Minnie Mouse angel tree topper

Minnie Mouse angel tree topper

It is an articulated tree topper. The wings  and hands move separately. It also lights up so she shines at night.

The other morning, the sun moved to cast this interesting shadow in our "Christmas room."

Minnie Mouse angel is beautiful on our large Christmas tree. It's fun to have her greet us as we come downstairs to start our day.

Happy December!


New Disneyland 60th Building = A Christmas Village Addition

It's never too early to think about Christmas...decorations. Half the fun for my family is decorating for the holidays. So when I saw this new decorative building at Disneyland yesterday, I knew exactly what I want to do with it.

We've had a Christmas village, "Sparksville," since my kids were small. We've added many pieces to it throughout the years. It's not a specific collection from one brand or company. We have buildings that represent a story, a family moment, or maybe a hobby. It's pretty large and usually takes up the entire studio table that sits in our living room.

My husband and our two kids are mainly responsible for putting it together. Since the kids have gotten older, they have become very active participants when it comes time to set up. They love to reconfigure Sparkville every year centered around their favorite buildings and figures. There are so many memories and moments that are shared when this Christmas decorating tradition begins. 

Here is a photo of a small corner of our Christmas village. You can see that we already have some Disney items 

 Sparks Christmas village 2013

Sparks Christmas village 2013

So I think that I need this new Disneyland 60th building and maybe create something different this year. I noticed that it lights up and the size will work for Sparksville. The Castle is pretty is the silver and blue Disneyland Diamond motif.

In 1994, Department 56 released a Disney Parks series of Disney Christmas buildings and figures. This particular series was retired in 1996. You can do a search on eBay and see some offered at some really good deals. I have the Disneyland Emporium (not Dept 56) and Firehouse so this new Disneyland 60th castle would be a perfect addition to our Christmas village. 

 Dept 56 Disneyland Firehouse and Disneyland Emporium (not Dept 56). Disney Parks figures of Mickey & Minnie with Disney Parks family (Dept 56)

Dept 56 Disneyland Firehouse and Disneyland Emporium (not Dept 56). Disney Parks figures of Mickey & Minnie with Disney Parks family (Dept 56)

The Disneyland 60th castle is a premium decoration with a steep price tag. It's pretty equivalent to what collectible Department 56 Christmas village houses usually go for. I might have to re-think and convince my family to go all out and do a Disneyland 60th Christmas village or I might have to create a special corner display. 

There are less than 80 days until Christmas!


Disney Date Night at Disneyland with MacSparky

One of the benefits of being a Disneyland Annual Passholder is that you get to attend some special events. About every quarter, Disneyland invites specific groups of Annual Passholders for an exclusive Disneyland Park event. It's usually targeted to those whose passes are about to expire. These special events are a way to for Disneyland to say "thank you" for being a Passholder and "by the way, don't you want to renew?" 

My husband (MacSparky) and I decided to attend one of these events and made a fun date night out of it. We've been to a couple of these events as some fellow Annual Passholder friends kindly invited us to go with them.  We wanted to see how this event would be different than those previous that we had been to. It was a Tuesday evening so we also figured that we would have a better chance of the Park not being as crowded. The official hours of the event was also 9pm - 1am.

 MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir

MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir


We started our date night by treating ourselves to a visit to the Napa Rose Lounge. We knew that it was slow enough where we could get a seat and get something fabulous to eat. Sitting in the lounge as opposed to making dinner reservations and getting the full dining experience would also save us some time. I wanted a nice glass of wine and MacSparky was looking forward to his ordering his most favorite salad, "Smiling Tiger Salad". The full menu is available to everyone in the lounge area. 

We were seated next the fireplace. We had a lovely and relaxing meal so we could enjoy a fun evening at Disneyland. We opted to skip dessert so we could sample some other sweets at Disneyland.

We finally made our way into Disneyland just as the Paint the Night Parade was starting. Since fireworks would soon be after the parade, we decided to work our way to the Small World area to get another view and experience of Disneyland Forever. The same projections that take place on Main Street USA are projected directly onto "it's a small world" facade. 

 Disneyland Forever Fireworks projection onto "it's a small world"

Disneyland Forever Fireworks projection onto "it's a small world"

It may not be the completely immersive that you get on Main Street USA but it was just as wonderful. You miss the fireworks that happen directly over the Castle but you still get a great view of the fireworks. The image projections look fabulous on "it's a small world" and of course the music is an amazing part of the show. 

When the fireworks ended, we made our way to the "west side"(Adventureland, Frontierland, Critter Country and New Orleans Square) of the Park. Since there had not been a Fantasmic show, the Mark Twain was still available. We were excited about being able to take a night time cruise around the Rivers of America

 Photo of the wheelhouse. 

Photo of the wheelhouse. 

The Cast Member on board told us that it is a very rare occurrence that there is an evening Mark Twain cruise. MacSparky was able to reminisce and share with the Cast Member about when he used to work at Disneyland back in the early 90's, pre-Fantasmic days. When MacSparky worked nights and assigned the Mark Twain, there would be a "fireworks cruise". They would park out on the Rivers of America at a certain time and then allow the Guest to view the fireworks show from the top deck. How cool is that? 

There was hardly anyone on the night cruise with us. You could walk around the Mark Twain during the cruise and explore. There was already someone in the "wheelhouse" (where they boat controls and captain sit) so we missed out on that opportunity. Going around the Rivers of America at night was a treat. 

We went to have dessert at Gibson Ice Cream Parlor. We noticed how there was hardly anyone on Main Street this evening. There was an 11 pm Paint the Night parade scheduled for the event. Here are a couple of photos taken of the curb about 20 mintues before the parade was to start. Crazy sight.

 View looking towards Sleeping Beauty Caste

View looking towards Sleeping Beauty Caste

The photo below is an example of what people do to snare their viewing spot. It's such a funny sight to see this blanket all spread out, no owner in site, and all the spots beside it available, too. The parade was about 15 minutes to start time and there was hardly anyone waiting for it. During regular operating hours, people will save their spots starting about 3 hours before parade time. 

 View looking towards the Town Square/Train station

View looking towards the Town Square/Train station

I am sure part of the reason there was hardly a parade crowd was because people were getting in the rides they could. There was little wait time during this particular event. We decided we may as well wait and snag an amazing curbside view and enjoy the parade. 

Date nights with Macsparky are always an adventure. We enjoy creating some special moments together and when we can make memories at Disneyland, it's even better. Those are date nights with some pixie dust on the side. 

 Disneyland Esplanade & view of DIsney California Adventure

Disneyland Esplanade & view of DIsney California Adventure



What's up with this Exploding Kittens game? (Review)

Billed as the most successful Kickstarter game project, EXPLODING KITTENS, is a crazy, zany fun game to play with your family and friends. It is described as "a highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette." The creators of this game were hoping to sell 500. They ended up with over 460,000 copies being ordered by very enthusiastic backers. 

First, the packaging is cool. It comes in a small bright blue box that can't be missed. Apparently my neighbors got one because their blue box of Exploding Kittens was accidentally left in our mailbox (we have nicknamed our assigned postal employee, NEUMAN, several years ago. He does not (or does) disappoint). I can only imagine what our local post office looked like when cases of these arrived to their area for delivery.

 Two versions of game: Original and NSFW option.

Two versions of game: Original and NSFW option.

MacSparky was so enthralled by the concept and game that he ordered two decks: the original and NSFW version. They arrived in the same package. The letter that arrived with our blue box was just as entertaining as the game.

 Contents of backer letter enclosed with package. 

Contents of backer letter enclosed with package. 

The game simply consists of very entertaining, clever and original card decks. There is a ton of info and video on their website so you can see how to play. The games don't take very long and you need a minimum of 2 players with a max of 5 players. It was quick and easy to learn. Hilarity ensued soon after the cards were drawn. 

 When you  open the box, it goes "meow".

When you  open the box, it goes "meow".

Sparks Family Verdict: We laughed, we schemed, we had a great time playing Exploding Kittens. We like things that sparkle and explode!

5 fireworks out of 5!

Better order now if you are thinking about gifting someone Exploding Kittens for their fall birthday or Christmas gift. Would make a great host gift for any party, too. It is something different and will keep everyone laughing. It's so silly, it's good!

Happy Game Night!


Music Mondays - Aulani: Music of the Maka'ala

Aloha! Last week my family and I were on vacation in Hawaii (Oahu). We are Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Members and our home resort is the Aulani. We feel lucky to be able to enjoy time at this very beautiful resort. One of the elements that I love is the music that you hear as you enter the lobby (Maka'ala) of the Aulani. 

The music at the Aulani was written specifically for the resort. Here's a video Disney released prior to the opening of the Aulani so you can get an appreciation for the thoughtfulness that went into the music of the resort. 

I find Aulani: Music of the Maka'ala by Keali'i Reichel very majestic, peaceful and beautiful. It's also an example of the attention to detail that Disney is known for. I am happy that there is just not any kind of Hawaiian music that greets you at the Aulani, but Disney original Hawaiian music. 

I was very excited to learn that you can purchase the music on iTunes. So now when I want to remember some family vacation memories or just to relax, I can listen to the Music of the Maka'ala

I will be sharing our Aulani vacation over the next couple weeks. 

Happy Music Monday!


Disney Date Night: Napa Rose at Disney's Grand California Hotel & Spa

My husband, MacSparky, proposed to me at Club 33 -Disneyland, 22 years ago. To celebrate the memorable moment, we go have a fancy meal at Disneyland every July 3rd. We started taking our kids with us about 10 years and now refer to July 3rd as "Sparks Day". With Sparks being our last name and July 4th, it's become a time to celebrate of our little family. We discovered the Napa Rose about 5 years go and it is now our annual Sparks Day tradition.

We actually ended up having our family celebration a day early due to scheduling conflicts. I have it my calendar as to when I can call to make reservations. We usually request the Chef's Table and we sit right in front of the kitchen. This year we decided to change it up by getting the first seating and sit on the dessert side. 

 View of the Napa Rose kitchen from dessert side seating. 

View of the Napa Rose kitchen from dessert side seating. 

There are two seating times for the Chef's Table. We've never done the first seating time so it was fun to see the kitchen get going. Executive Napa Rose Chef, Andrew Sutton, even stopped by to greet us and talked to us for a little bit. I think he checked in as service was beginning because we didn't see him again in the kitchen during our meal. In the past years, Andrew has been active in the kitchen. He's now oversees both Club 33 and the Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge in addition to Napa Rose so he is pretty busy.

The food offerings are Napa Rose are simply "oh-so-delicious". The menu items are carefully planned by the chef and his team. They are very thoughtful about using ingredients that are in season, available locally, and prepare them in such way to compliment the time of year. Here are some photos of the menu and some things we saw from where we sat. 

My kids are 13 and 18. They love going out to eat and are not afraid of a food adventure. As a result, they have a sophisticated palate and enjoy fine dinning experiences. One ordered a seasonal salad and scallops as her entree while my other daughter had the filet with chive mashed potatoes. We ordered the Truffle Mac & Cheese to share between all of us....and it was as delicious as it looks. 

MacSparky's most favorite all time dish is Napa Rose's Smiling Tiger Salad. That's all he talks about when we get ready to go. He will always order this when we go. It is one of the signature and customer favorites from Napa Rose. MacSparky went for a theme as he ordered the Berkshire Pork Lion and Laughing Bird Shrimp.

I usually order the Vintner's Menu which is a 4-course tasting menu. This year I requested the Chef's Menu...which is almost the same as the Vintner's Menu but the chef visits with you to ask about your food preferences and prepares a 4 or 5 course meal for you. I don't have food allergies and am not very picky about what I will not eat. I ended up with a little bit of everything off of the menu and I didn't know what I would get until it was brought to me. A couple of the dishes were actually straight from the menu. 

We had a great time visiting with Chef Gloria Tae who we see every year. She created this beautiful summer salad for my husband. It was very hearty with heirloom tomatoes, tuna tartare and lots of deliciousness on the side.

Napa Rose is also known for their extensive wine selection. A number of the servers are sommeliers so they can help you with any food pairing or questions about their wine offerings. I have ordered a flight of wine in prior years. I did order a glass of MacMurry Ranch Pinot Noir to go with my meal.

Before you enter the main dining area, you can view some of the fun wine bottles they have on display. You may recognize some of these. 

We had to have dessert. Although we were pretty full, my family decided that they had room for some delicious ice cream and sorbet. 

Our server this year was, Mickey. He was super attentive and entertaining, too. He gave my kids a little lesson in pouring wine. He was very helpful is assisting with our menu selections. The dessert sous chefs, Janae and Chelsea explained the dishes that they were preparing. They were also very good about answering some of our general questions that were related to what was happening in the kitchen.

We had another fabulous and memorable Sparks Day celebration at Napa Rose. They even sent us home with some special chocolate boxes. We'll be back next year. Thank you, Napa Rose!

Happy Sparks Day!


Not-so-hidden Mickey's in our Aulani Villa


My family joined the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) several years ago. We chose Aulani as our home resort. We love going to Hawaii, we love the Hawaiian culture, people, plus the climate is pretty nice. It is paradise for us with a little Disney on the side.

I'll have more posts about the Aulani in the next coming weeks but I wanted to share some fun "not so hidden Mickey's" in our villa. 

This is what is our our bed. It's not quite a full size quilt. It is definitely a great decorative accent. According to the Disney Store, it's referred to as the Aulani Disney Resort & Spa Bed Runner.

 Aulani Spa Bed Runner

Aulani Spa Bed Runner

This is cushion backing that is on the dining room furniture. It's pretty subtle yet fits in the Hawaiian motif.

There is a rock wall inside the shower stall in the bathroom. Here is a close up. Can you see the hidden Mickey nestled in the rock design?

 It's to the right of a red colored rock.

It's to the right of a red colored rock.

 This picture is also in the bathroom. Did you see the Mickey bubble?

This picture is also in the bathroom. Did you see the Mickey bubble?

This lamp is in the living room. It looks great and fits into the simple Hawaiian decor. When you turn it on, you see cool surfer Mickey.

Finally, one of my favorites is this Mickey Mouse lamp that sits on the desk inside the bedroom. He's got his ukelele, his kukui necklace and surfboard. You can actually purchase the lamp, too. I see a great Christmas gift that my kids can give to their dad to remember these sweet family Aulani memories.





My Day at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - April 2015

Star Wars Celeb3.JPG

A couple weeks ago, my husband (MacSparky), daughter #2 and I were able to attend the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim (SWCA). My two Jedi's were so giddy. It is and continues to be heartwarming to watch these two strengthen their father and daughter bond with their shared love of the Star Wars universe. It was really amazing to see that it was not only my husband and daughter at this epic gathering, but many fathers and daughters who were in attendance experiencing the same joy. 

Walking towards the Anaheim Convention Center was already a fun experience. Seeing everyone go all out in their Star Wars gear made me realize I was in for an awesome day. How could you not smile when we walked behind these Merry Siths. 

merry siths.jpg

Fans all brought their game when it came to their attire. I wouldn't even call them costumes since there was so much love poured into the whole package. Character/movie mashups were everywhere, too. Here's a small sampling of what I saw on the SWCA.

There were plenty of exhibits on to view. The must see was The Force Awakens where there were costumes and props from the upcoming movie. The wait was long but worth it. You can check out MacSparky's post to view some of the great photos. The one thing that stood out for me was the use of 3D printers to create some of props. Technology and film making can always good together. 

Here's a gallery of more things I saw on the Celebration

Another interesting room we were able to visit was the R2 Builders area. A gathering of R2 builders showing off their creations? Let us see.

These next set of photos really is evidence that the Star Wars fans totally get each other. NERD NITE SPEED DATING at this event totally makes sense. How great would it be to meet someone who understands and shares your passion. This is a popular event and has been known to be the place where many relationships have begun. 

 photo from SWCA

photo from SWCA

We were able to sit in one of the many interesting panels that were going on that day. We attended "Rebel Women Who Fought the Clone Wars" that featured line producer Athena Portillo, creative executive Rayne Roberts, production manager Liz Marshall, and senior concept designer Amy Beth Christenson from Lucasfilm. Dave Filoni stepped in to moderate the panel. From his questions, we all learned their stories of how they go to their current role. We got some insight into how their processes work. It was an awesome hour where we learned that these are the major players, all women, behind the success of Star Wars Rebels. They shared some artwork and also got us all excited about things coming to Star Wars Rebels. It was really a great session for anyone interested in film making and production work.

I got to meet Jason Swank, one the hosts of Rebel Force Radio. He hosted a variety of panels during the Celebration. He's got a pretty awesome job for being a Star Wars fan. If you want to find a great Star Wars podcast for fans, by fans, I would recommend checking out the Rebel Force Radio podcast. 

At the end of the Celebration, they announced that next year would be Star Wars Celebration Europe (London). The VIP tickets sold out in the first day they opened up registration. If it ever comes your way or have a chance to attend one of these Celebrations, I would totally plan to go. It's really an experience. 

My two Jedi's can't stop talking about it their day at the Star Wars Celebration. It definitely strengthened their Star Wars bond. We all made new friends, got some fun stuff, and made awesome memories. We are so excited about Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens. We have plans for the midnight showing where we hope to see many of our Star Wars friends come out in full force. My daughter remarked: "That will be the first Star Wars movie I will see on the big screen." It made me realize that she has only experience the Star Wars movies via DVD and at home. She's only 13.. a Jedi in training. 

May the Force Be With You!