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Happy Pi Day, Disney Style

What better way to celebrate Pi Day, March 14th (3.14), than with something Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse is designed with a variety of circles. Different size and shapes of circles put in a specific configuration can make the iconic Mickey Mouse design. 

 Image from  Disney Family

Image from Disney Family

I found this image from Disney Family. Check out their fun post, "5 Disney-Inspired Pies for Pi Day."

Happy Pi Day!


Disneyland Parks Halloween Eats Chart & Checklist - 2017

UPDATED: Oct 5th. Fixed a typo. Thanks for letting me know :)

WOW! The Disneyland Resort has really outdone themselves with the Halloween food offerings this year. I think it is the most and most varied that I have seen. There are sweet treats, spicy stuff, and all kinds of libations (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). There are also several themed food containers that are available from various vendor carts and locations. 

I made this chart and checklist based off of this Disney Parks Blog post. You are welcome to download the PDF, print and share. 

Happy Eats!


 Preview of printable checklist -

Preview of printable checklist -

Recipes from Big Thunder Ranch BBQ (Disneyland)

I was a little sad to hear the permanent closure of Big Thunder Ranch BBQ. It was one of our favorite places to eat. We would usually try to eat a late lunch or the first dinner seating and the big meal would get us through the day. You got a great meal at a pretty good value when you consider that it was theme park food, at theme park pricing. The premium was worth it.   

It was a great location that could give you reprieve from the busy crowds. It was perfect to sit with your friends and family to enjoy a a good conversation over a hearty meal, family style, too. The open air and fun atmosphere was always a good benefit of the location. Did I mention that the food offerings were delicious, too?

The location is permanently closing to make way for the new Star Wars themed land. One of the servers we spoke to said thatthe River Belle Terrace restaurant in New Orleans Square will soon convert to a similar menu to the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ offerings since it was so popular and successful. It won't be the same recipes, and won't be family style, but will be something delicious like BBQ chicken and ribs. 

Anyways, before the closure, I was able to ask for one of the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ recipe pamphlet. So try to make some of that delicious Disneyland Big Thunder Ranch BBQ in your own home. They don't look like they require special ingredients and looks easy enough to make.

Happy Eats!


Disney Date Night: Napa Rose at Disney's Grand California Hotel & Spa

My husband, MacSparky, proposed to me at Club 33 -Disneyland, 22 years ago. To celebrate the memorable moment, we go have a fancy meal at Disneyland every July 3rd. We started taking our kids with us about 10 years and now refer to July 3rd as "Sparks Day". With Sparks being our last name and July 4th, it's become a time to celebrate of our little family. We discovered the Napa Rose about 5 years go and it is now our annual Sparks Day tradition.

We actually ended up having our family celebration a day early due to scheduling conflicts. I have it my calendar as to when I can call to make reservations. We usually request the Chef's Table and we sit right in front of the kitchen. This year we decided to change it up by getting the first seating and sit on the dessert side. 

 View of the Napa Rose kitchen from dessert side seating. 

View of the Napa Rose kitchen from dessert side seating. 

There are two seating times for the Chef's Table. We've never done the first seating time so it was fun to see the kitchen get going. Executive Napa Rose Chef, Andrew Sutton, even stopped by to greet us and talked to us for a little bit. I think he checked in as service was beginning because we didn't see him again in the kitchen during our meal. In the past years, Andrew has been active in the kitchen. He's now oversees both Club 33 and the Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge in addition to Napa Rose so he is pretty busy.

The food offerings are Napa Rose are simply "oh-so-delicious". The menu items are carefully planned by the chef and his team. They are very thoughtful about using ingredients that are in season, available locally, and prepare them in such way to compliment the time of year. Here are some photos of the menu and some things we saw from where we sat. 

My kids are 13 and 18. They love going out to eat and are not afraid of a food adventure. As a result, they have a sophisticated palate and enjoy fine dinning experiences. One ordered a seasonal salad and scallops as her entree while my other daughter had the filet with chive mashed potatoes. We ordered the Truffle Mac & Cheese to share between all of us....and it was as delicious as it looks. 

MacSparky's most favorite all time dish is Napa Rose's Smiling Tiger Salad. That's all he talks about when we get ready to go. He will always order this when we go. It is one of the signature and customer favorites from Napa Rose. MacSparky went for a theme as he ordered the Berkshire Pork Lion and Laughing Bird Shrimp.

I usually order the Vintner's Menu which is a 4-course tasting menu. This year I requested the Chef's Menu...which is almost the same as the Vintner's Menu but the chef visits with you to ask about your food preferences and prepares a 4 or 5 course meal for you. I don't have food allergies and am not very picky about what I will not eat. I ended up with a little bit of everything off of the menu and I didn't know what I would get until it was brought to me. A couple of the dishes were actually straight from the menu. 

We had a great time visiting with Chef Gloria Tae who we see every year. She created this beautiful summer salad for my husband. It was very hearty with heirloom tomatoes, tuna tartare and lots of deliciousness on the side.

Napa Rose is also known for their extensive wine selection. A number of the servers are sommeliers so they can help you with any food pairing or questions about their wine offerings. I have ordered a flight of wine in prior years. I did order a glass of MacMurry Ranch Pinot Noir to go with my meal.

Before you enter the main dining area, you can view some of the fun wine bottles they have on display. You may recognize some of these. 

We had to have dessert. Although we were pretty full, my family decided that they had room for some delicious ice cream and sorbet. 

Our server this year was, Mickey. He was super attentive and entertaining, too. He gave my kids a little lesson in pouring wine. He was very helpful is assisting with our menu selections. The dessert sous chefs, Janae and Chelsea explained the dishes that they were preparing. They were also very good about answering some of our general questions that were related to what was happening in the kitchen.

We had another fabulous and memorable Sparks Day celebration at Napa Rose. They even sent us home with some special chocolate boxes. We'll be back next year. Thank you, Napa Rose!

Happy Sparks Day!


Share a Coke Bottles exclusive to Disney Parks

The SHARE A COKE campaign was so popular that it's back. Spotted these fun Coca-Cola bottles at Disneyland over the weekend.

Apparently there won't be any Disney character ones. I get it, but it would have been fun to buy one that says "share a coke" with Goofy, or Donald, etc..." Disney characters don't drink that stuff, right? The Coke bottles available are HERO (regular Coke), SUPERSTAR (Diet Coke) and PIRATE (Coke Zero). According to this article, these will be exclusive to Disney Parks

You can go over on this website and actually order a personalized one if you want ($5 a bottle). See personalized stuff has always been a tough for me because there was never any souvenir stuff with the name "DAISY when I was growing up. I have a dear friend who knows my perference for Coke and she gave me my own Share a Coke mini can last year.

Coca Cola and Disney have had a long partnership. The Coke and Disney are two of the most internationally recognized logos in the world. Two iconic brands that always bring a smile.