Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

Mickey's Halloween Party

How is it the middle of the month already?

Last week, we had a Friday Family Fun night at Disneyland. Requiring separate admssion from regular hours, Mickey'y Halloween Party turned out to be very busy. There were lots of costumed people ready to celebrate with happy haunts...Disneyland style. 

Pirates seemed to be most popular costumes. Our kids went as their favorite candy. No sew and a little creativity with felt made for easy costumes to walk around The Park...and to get on the rides, too.

Sweet Kids 2.JPG

There were many creative costumed Disneyland fans in the crowd. These gouhls were my favorite. At first look you thought they were Haunted Mansion characters. Nope, just some fans with plenty of attention to detail. 

We made our way down to New Orleans to visit Jack Skellington. I love the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay at the Haunted Mansion. It is usually there from October to New Years. So much attention to detail both outside and inside. 

They have treat stations all set up throughout the park. We were a little surprised out how many people wait in the treat lines to get candy versus waiting in line for the rides. Each treat station had anywhere from 4 to 7 seperate stations within where you actually received the candy by the handfuls. It is very organized. Ranging from healthy snacks (bagged apple slices, bagged carrots, Craisins, dried apples) to snack size Hersheys, Kit Kats, Milk Duds and other Halloween favorites. We all got our Halloween Trick or Treat fix. It was quite a candy haul considering that we only went to 3 Halloween Treat Stations. Below is just a sampling of one of my kids' treat bag. 

candy haul.JPG

 The other reason for long lines at the Treat Stations was the strategically placed characters who had on their Halloween costumes. You could stop there for photo and autograph opportunities.

One of the highlights of this hard ticket event is that you get to see the Halloween Screams Fireworks Spectactular. Jack Skellington hosts many Disney Villians in this show while Sleeping Beauty's Castle is the backdrop. The fireworks is carefully choregraphed to the music as only Disney can. It really is a Halloween fireworks spectactular that can only be viewed if you purchase tickets to this special event. 


photo 1-6.JPG

Here are are two photos of my favorite costumed people. 


"Ariel" spotted holding her baby who was dressed as Sebastian the crab. King Triton was seated next to her. 

Just about everyone had a costume on so it was fun to figure out what they were. It was a fun family night to start off the Halloween season at Disneyland. 

Have a great weekend!