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"Pin-spired" Christmas Celebration - #6

Happy Friday! Welcome to my "pin-spired" Christmas Celebration #6. I am going to follow Kendra's lead and share my family Christmas card. It was inspired by the following card that I saw on Pinterest. 

I should explain that we have an annual (very friendly) Christmas Card competition between my sister-in-law and my family. My husband and kids really get into it. A lot of thought and strategy goes into our Christmas card. We all have input as to what is the perfect card to capture our family spirit for the year. 

We all agreed that the card on Pinterest was the perfect idea to play on. It really inspired our final design. We wanted to make it our own and customize it for our family. Here is the final result.

My husband, MacSparky, is a tech blogger who writes about productivity and all things Mac. Our iPads are all a big part of our daily life for many different reasons and we all use it in different ways. The inside of the card reads : "Wishing you an abundance of cheer, happiness & creativity this holiday season." 

I did cheat a bit and found the perfect template on Shutterfly and ordered our cards this year. I did add some Stickles for some extra SPARKles on the front.  Plus the card recipients have a special QR code to enjoy a special song sung by my youngest daughter. 

Don't forget to visit Kendra on her blog and she what she created. She may have some other surprises for you, too.

Now off to address more Christmas cards. Have a great weekend!