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Disneyland explored.

"Pin-spired" Christmas Celebration #9

Happy 4 more days until Christmas! 

It was so fun to be invited to Kendra's Pin-spired Christmas Celebration. Felt good to create and share my version of something I saw on Pinterest. Isn't that one of the reasons Pinterest is good for? Such a great resource to get your creative juices going.

This is the final day for Kendra and her Christmas pin-spired creations. Make sure you get to see what she made for the last day on her blog.

For my final Christmas Celebration post, I was inspired by two different things I saw on Pinterest. 

My family loves the movie, ELF. It is simply funny! Will Ferrell nails the wonder and innocence of a Christmas Elf in the big city. We are also big fans of Zoey Deschanel and her signing of one of our favorite Christmas songs (Baby, It's Cold Outside) is a big bonus. The casting worked and the storyline was written with much wit and thought.  So when I saw this fun ELF post, it reminded me that according to Buddy the Elf, there are 4 main food groups for an elf: Candy, Candy Cane, Candy Corn and syrup. 

Then I saw these cute Santa bottles with treats. It is with the love of the movie Elf and empty frap glass bottles, that I came up with the following fun creation. I am calling it an ELF PACK. My kids think it would fun to put this out alongside a plate of cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. They are going to add a tag to read "To, Buddy the Elf". We are hoping Santa will bring this Elf Pack to his hard working elves. 

With some circle punches, I decorated the top with left-over patterned papers. I measured some other paper and glued those on to each of the sides of an empty frap holder/container. It was simple enough to get the 4 Elf food groups and fill the bottles with candy, candy canes & and corn. 

I am wishing you all a great Christmas weekend. I hope it is filled with lots of cheer, family and friends. 

As Buddy the Elf says: "The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear."