Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

Disney on my Tree - Day 21

I am thinking about and celebrating kids today. We all have some inner child in all of us. Christmas really highlights the innocence and wonder of being a kid....and being a kid at heart, too. Mickey Mouse and friends bring both kids and adults together for all kinds of events and holiday fun.

Day 21 features this fun ornament I got back in 2008 from The Disney Store. It is actually heavier than you think. I love the Mickey Mouse iconic glove that serves as a balloon for Mickey and his friends. Looks like they are ready for a fun adventure.

Up, Up and away!

Back of Day 21 ornament features Donald Duck & Goofy.

Are you ready for the final big Christmas weekend? Find your inner child and go all out this Christmas. Better yet, enjoy Christmas through the eyes of a child in your life. They may be small but have such big hearts to share the season with you.

Merry Christmas!