Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

Disney on My Christmas Tree - Day 3

Day 3 is brought to you by a very special Disney ornament to celebrate a Disneyland Fireworks show called "Believe...There's Magic in the Stars". For me, it is my all time favorite Disneyland fireworks production. It's pretty much ruined all other fireworks shows for me. It has very lively music that was beautifully choreographed to an amazing pyrotechnic display.

"Believe" debuted in 1999 in conjunction with Disneyland's 45th anniversary kickoff. It ran until 2004.  It starts off with a little girl's voice you hear saying: "I wish I never had to leave this magical place". There were even "shooting stars" for the audience to wish on. The music was catchy and memorable that left you humming..."there's magic in the at Disneyland."

Do you believe?