Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

Disney on My Tree - Day 6

Ring, ring! Hello? It's Mickey!

Today's ornament is brought to you by Mickey Mouse. Figured it was time to feature the most famous mouse of all.

When I got a job at Disneyland, I was hired into Main Street Merchandise. It was fun to be able to work in all the different stores. Each store offered different items and had its own personality. There were several specialty shops where additional training was required due to specific merchandise. For example. the hat shops had manual machines back in the 90s so you had to learn how to write on Mickey Mouse ear hats. Another specialty store was Disneyana. That's the store you would find Disney collectibles and artworks. People came in looking for specific items. Often you would have frequent Guests who were hard core Disney fans who shared lots of Disneyana with you.

This Disney ornament reminds me of the phone that used to sit inside the Disneyana shop. People you used to ask to buy it or where to find it. I never knew but I just remember this phone model well. It was an appropriate phone to have in a Disney collectible shop. This is a Hallmark ornament that I bought last year. It is a Mickey Mouse telephone that also works. You press any of the number keys and you can hear several Mickey Mouse greetings. I found this video HERE if you want to view this ornament in action. 

Wishing you lots of Christmas Cheer today!