Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

My iPhone is the best little camera in my pocket!

I used to carry a Blackberry, my camera, and an iPod for my music. Then the iPhone came out and my purse got a little lighter and my world opened up. I love that the iPhone can be the best camera plus video camera; be a device that hold all my music & some movies; is a phone plus my internet...and it all fits into my pocket. Here are some recent photos that I took with my iPhone. 


Nighttime photo of World of Color at Disney's California Adventure. 


Afternoon photo of the Twin Sawyer Glaciers in Tracy Arm. 

We were way lucky to have had a clear day with no rain and plenty of sunshine. The blue ice color is hard to capture but oh so beautiful!


Passing through Juneau, Alaska in the afternoon.


View of the Misty Fiords - Ketchikan, Alsaka


I really love the camera in my iPhone 4S. It's a simple point and shoot. It's 5megapixals with a video camera, too. All kinds of SPECS. I am really impressed at the images I can capture with this smart phone. They come out great when you have them sent to be printed, too. 

There are so many great photo apps, too, that make it even more fun to take photos with your iPhone but I will leave that for next week. 

Happy Monday!