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Managing a Bazillion Passwords

Passwords for logins are great but remembering all of them can be a challenge. How many times have you had to reset your password because you forgot? How many times have you frozen your account because you put in the wrong password one too many times? Seems like I have a bazillion passwords between my shopping accounts, my kids activities, business logins and all my social media online sites. 

When MacSparky found 1Password, it was my lifesaver.  1Password is my super password manager that lets me into many places on the internet. It helps to create and remember new logins and passwords. Plus, it has a "wallet" feature so I can store my credit card that I use for my many online purchases. One of the features I love the most is that it also syncs with all my devices like my MacBook, iPhone, and iPad.

I can't say enough about it. I have 1Password on my toolbar so I can click it when I need to sign in somewhere and it remembers what site I am on. A quick fill in and I am in. Other security features are

  • A master 1Password to login into the App; 
  • You need your master 1Password + another password to access the App on your phone; 
  • If you want extra security, login into 1Password and access your account through there since it is encrypted. 
  • The ability to open 1Password and login into your accounts that way is a great feature is you are out fro example at Satrbucks or at an airport. It is more secure vs. logging in directly into your accounts when in a public place. 

If you need to know all you about how 1Password works and how to use it, check out MacPower Users Episode 19.  MacPower Users also offers a great discount that you can access HERE. It is available for many platforms other than Mac. 1Password has saved me lots of time and gives me peace of mind. It's one of my favorite apps that has become an essential tool to my daily work productivity.


Happy Monday!