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Disneyland explored.

Endeavour Flyover at Disneyland

Had to be part of something amazing and memorable. I grew up with The Space Shuttle Program. I remember where I was when Space Ship Challenger and its crew were lost forever. I had a chance to visit Kennedy Center when one the shuttles was preparing for a mission. What an awesome sight to see a shuttle on the launch pad. Maybe I took the Space Shuttle Program for granted and just assumed it would always be a part of NASA. So I had to be a witness to its bittersweet end. I talked a couple friends to join me and off we went to Disneyland. 

It turned out to be a pretty hot day but luckily the skies were clear. There was a pretty good crowd as word got out that Disneyland would be part of The Space Shuttle Endeavour's final flyover. The Resort had these signs stationed at the entrances of both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. Someone forgot to check the proper spelling of of Space Shuttle Endeavour

We chose Disney's California Adventure, Paradise Pier as our look out spot. There was shade there and the scenery was colorful, too. There were news cameras poised on the Pier so we figured that was a good spot to be

A little after noon and an announcement came on to give us a heads up The Endeavour was enroute. You could hear the roar of the crowds come to a crescendo as the 747 carrying The Endeavour on its back came into our line of sight. It was exciting, and was fast. Couldn't believe how low it flew. Seeing the two jets escorting the final moments that The Endeavour would ever be in airspace was simply exciting. As it flew by and out of sight, loud cheers and applause arose to commemorate The Endeavour's final journey as it made its way to LAX in preparation for its new home at the California ScienCenter

I wanted to experience the moment when the planes would flyover as I knew it would be such a short time but a big memory. I didn't take photos as I figured there would be many online. Here are some of my favorites as The Endeavour flew around many famous Southern California landmarks. Twitter was buzzing with the hashtag #ispottheshuttle. 

 Walt Disney Concert Hall & Hollywood SignGriffith Observatory

Walt Disney Studios - Burbank

 Dodger Stadium

Angel Stadium

Disneyland ParkHere is the official video montage from the Disney Parks Blog.

What a rush! A great day to remember.