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My Disney Time - Week 4: Mary Poppins

We love all the award shows at my house. From the fashion to rooting for our nominees, it is all fun to watch. It was a great thrill to see Dick Van Dyke receive with a Lifetime Achievement Honor at the SAG ceremony this past Sunday. Who can forget Dick Van Dyke as Bert in Walt Disney's Mary Poppins?

This week, I am sharing my Mary Poppins watch. It comes complete with a Mary Poppins carpet bag. You open the miniature carpet bag and out comes this very lovely commemorative Mary Poppins watch. It is a Disney Time Works watch produced by Sutton Time.

 Week 4: Mary Poppins Watch

Week 4: Mary Poppins Watch

Mary Poppins first appeared in a P. L. Travers book of the same name. Mary Poppins, the musical film, debuted in 1964. It won numerous numerous awards including a Best Actress Oscar for Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins, and Chim, Chim, Cheree by The Sherman Brothers won Best Original Song. In 2006, a Mary Poppins musical production premiered on Broadway. Next up is an entire movie based on the making of the Mary Poppins film that will be out by the end of this year called Saving Mr Banks. Everyone loves Mary.

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It is small edition watch so that was one of the reasons I thought this watch was interesting. I have 1641 of 5000 made. Plus. I really fell in love with the whole package with the miniature carpet bag. Mary Poppins flys around the watch to help keep time. It is a musical watch. Guess which song it plays?

Hope the rest of your week is Practically Perfect in Every Way!

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