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My Disney Time

New Century Timepieces - Disneyland

While working at Disneyland, I became fascinated with Disney watches. Working at New Century Timepieces (now the Fortuosity Shop) on Main Street, USA exposed me to lots of the different Disney timepieces. There were a lot of variety of Disney characters and designs back in the 1990s. Some Disney watches were made to be "collectible" while other designs attracted fans of specific Disney characters. 

I simply began to purchase Disney-themed watches that I liked. Wrist watches were functional back then. If I was working at Disneyland, it was fun to wear a Disney watch. I chose to limit myself to certain designs and productions in my quest to start my personal Disney watch collection.

For 2013, I am going to share one watch a week from my personal Disney watch stash. It was fun looking through my watch collection and remembering some cherished moments associated with particular timepieces. A good number of my watches were only available to Cast Members. I have many watches that came with great packaging. There are some good Disneyland stories to tell, too.

My Disney Time starts tomorrow. The first watch is pretty special. See you real soon!