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My Disney Time: Week 40 - Walt Disney World 25th Anniversary

My Disney Time, Week 40 features one more Walt Disney World watch. This one commemorates the 25th Anniversary of Walt Disney World (1971-1996). 

 My Disney Time: Week 40 - Walt Disney World 25th Annivesary

My Disney Time: Week 40 - Walt Disney World 25th Annivesary

I like this ladies watch since it is done in silver to celebrate Walt Disney World's 25th anniversary.  The iconic castle is a raised embossed-like image on the face of the watch. It has a gold hue to it so it stands out on the silver background. The roman numerals give it an elegant and classic feel. This watch came in a wooden box with "25" burned into the top.  

I think I may have purchased this watch either at the Disney Store or online. It was a limited edition to only 5000 pieces. I have #2106 out of 5000. I like that the back of the watch has the same design as the collectible box that the watch came in.

I didn't have a chance to visit Walt Disney World for its 25th anniversary. I do remember that there was a lot of chatter about the castle and its overlay of "pink icing" for this celebration. Cinderella's Castle was transformed into a big birthday cake complete with inflatable balloons to mimic cake decorations. The castle decor that remained for the year seemed a little out of place considering it was a very big anniversary that is usually associated with something classic like silver. I think you either liked it or hated it. 


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