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My Disney Time: Week 41 - Michael Graves Timepiece

My Disney Time, Week 41 features a Disney watch that was designed with American architect, Michael Graves.   


My Disney Time: Week 41, Michael Graves Timepiece

In the 1980's, Michael Graves created several buildings for Disney. One of the most famous is the Disney corporate building in Burbank. It is referred to as Team Disney and Snow White's Seven Dwarfs play a big part in holding it together. The rooms also feature Michael Graves designed decor, furniture and dining plates in their dining room. 

When you pit the lid on this decorative watch tin, it mimics the design of the building. It looks like Mickey Mouse is holding up the lid of the tin box. This collectible watch is done in the colors and style that compliment the Michael Graves Disney collectibles that were available in the 1990s. The signature Mickey Mouse yellow and red are the colors of the watch hands. It has an art deco feel to it. It was a limited edition of 5000 but they were not numbered individually.

This is an interesting Disney watch because it features a Disney character/design that is incorporated with a well-known architect and his design style. The paper insert that is included has information about Michael Graves.  Michael Graves signature is featured on the back of the watch, too.

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