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My Disney Time: Week 43 - Cruella DeVil

My Disney Time, Week 43 features my other Marc Davis collectible watch, Cruella DeVil.  

My Disney Time, Week 43: Cruella DeVil

Who doesn't enjoy a classic Disney movie villain? Cruella is known for her obsessive fashion drive to own a coat made from dalmatian fur. Her character has become an adjective used to describe someone who is a little crazy, wacky, and eccentric diva. The play on words in her name is classic Disney: cruel devil = Cruella DeVil

This collectible watch is a tribute to legendary Disney animator, Marc Davis, who joined Walt Disney's team in 1935. This Disney Signature Series was released in 1995 to commemorate Marc Davis' long Disney career. The wooden box contained some paper inserts that highlighted some information about Marc Davis and his favorite character creation in Cruella DeVil. 

I have number 1305 of 5000 pieces that were made for this timepiece.  The watch has a classic faux leather band to compliment that artwork featured on the face. The image of Cruella on this watch that shows off her fashion sense and signature cigarette holder captures her essence. She was one of Marc Davis' personal favorites from the body of Disney work that he created over the years.  

The animator is successful when he injects the breath of life and spirit into his characters. - Marc Davis (1913-2000) 


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