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My Disney Time: Week 42 - Maleficient

With Halloween around the corner, I am going to feature a couple Disney Villain collectible watches that I have. My Disney Time, Week 42 features the Disney Villain known as Maleficient.

My Disney Time, Week 42: Maleficent 

Maleficient is from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. She is a sorceress who was responsible for casting evil spells. On this watch, she is featured with her raven named Diablo. The roman numerals on the watch face really compliment the design of the watch. 

Maleficient was created by famous Disney animator, Marc Davis. There was a collectible watch series that was created (1995) to celebrate both the Disney animator and the famous characters that they created. Each watch came in a wooden box accompanied with a pretty paper enclosure that featured information about the Disney animator. 

The watch piece was limited to 5000 pieces. I have number 2827. 

Maleficient remains a popular character today. She is intriguing in her evilness. Her physical feature of a green face and interesting headwear makes Maleficient a popular Halloween costume. There will be a live-action Maleficient movie that will be released next year that stars Angelina Jolie as the evil sorcerer. 

Have you decided on your Halloween costume? 


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