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My Disney Time: Week 45 - Euro Disney Anniversary Watch

My Disney Time, Week 45 celebrates the first anniversary of Euro Disney.

Disneyland, Paris opened on April 12, 1992. It was originally known as Euro Disney. The name changed in 2002. It is the second Disney Park that opened outside of the US (Tokyo was the first). Every Disney Park has an iconic castle but the one located in Disneyland, Paris is very, very ornate and over the top. After all, Europe is filled with old castles. So, the Disney Imagineers had to come up with something a little different and definitely Disney. 

The castle at Disneyland, Paris is known as Le Ch√Ęteau de la Belle au Bois Dormant (English: The Castle of The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood). It looks like a fancy version of the Disneyland Castle (Anaheim, CA) that is also known as Sleeping Beauty's Castle. You can look up images of Disneyland, Ca castle and Disneyland, Paris castle on the internet and compare them for yourself. The characters that are associated with Sleeping Beauty are the three fairies named Flora, Fauna and Merrywheather

My Disney Time Week 45 - Euro Disney Anniversary featuring Sleeping Beauty's Castle & Faries (Flora, Fauna & Merryweather)

The three fairies fly around the watch to act like a second hand. I like the simplicity and elegance in this watch design. It's consistent with the feel of what Disneyland, Paris was designed to be. This limited edition watch was available at the Disneyland Cast Member store, Company D to commemorate the first anniversary of the new park. I have number 118 but there is no documentation of how many were made. I like that the band has the iconic Mickey Mouse head as the buckle. The watch also has the event written out in French. 

Visiting Disneyland, Paris is still on my bucket list. Someday. The pictures that I have seen show a very beautiful place. There are several attractions there that are exclusive to Disneyland, Paris including the new Phantom Manor. It is always interesting to see how all the different Disney Parks are laid out differently and to see what is similar and different. 

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