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Disneyland explored.

My Disney Time: Week 46 - Daisy Duck Artisan Watch I

In the next two posts, I am going to feature two very special and unique Disney watches in my collection. My Disney Time, Week 46, features Daisy Duck.

My Disney Time: Week 46 - Daisy Duck & a baby duck

In the late 1990s, Disneyland began an Artisan Watch program. There were designated artists who drew approved Disney images for custom-made watches. The image that the artist drew were both a piece of art which was also created into a watch . Someone could request or choose an original artist creation and the customer received the artwork to keep plus a watch with that same design. 

Somehow, my husband, MacSparky, was able to work covertly with a friend of mine who worked at the Disneyland watch shop (New Century Timepieces). They were able to work with an artist and come up with the watch design you see pictured in this post. It was given to me as a mother's day present so that is why you see Daisy Duck holding a baby duck. 

I love that the Disneyland castle is drawn in the background. The watch depicts a baby duck to represent my oldest daughter, Sam. I do have the original artwork with the artist information and date on it. Now if only I remembered where I safely stored it.....

It is a one of a kind original Disney watch. It brings sweet memories and is a cherished watch in my collection. The back of the watch features the logo of the Artisan Watch program and simply reads: "This original watch art was created by a Disney Artist".

Thanksgiving is a time for families to be together and for counting our blessings. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Turkey Day!