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My Disney Time: Week 47 - Daisy Duck Artisan Watch II

My Disney Time, Week 47 features another very special watch in my collection. This is a custom watch design that came in a fancy faux leather cylinder. It is simple and striking, too. Half the fun in receiving this special watch was the presentation and container that it came in. Once you snap off the leather tab and open the fancy box, a long velvet piece comes out to reveal this one of a kind Disney watch.

I received this watch as a Mother's Day present and it celebrates my second daughter, Sarah. I really loved that there are two Disney characters (Daisy Duck & Minnie Mouse) on this watch. They are the best of girlfriends. The design depicts friendship, happiness, and a bond between two gals. It does remind me of my relationship with my daughter...and we did spend a lot of time at Disneyland during her toddler years. We still spend a lot of time at Disneyland. Sarah is currently my most frequent Disneyland buddy. 

Even though Daisy Duck was introduced in the 1940's, it is only recently that Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse have been seen together and depicted as best friends. They are now regularly seen in the current production of Mickey Mouse Club House shown on the Disney Channel.

My Disney Time, Week 47: Daisy Duck Artisan Watch II

Like the previous artisan watch that was featured in My Disney Time, Week 46, the original art came with the watch. The back of the watch features the Disney artisan watch logo.

I love that I have two very special Disney artisan watches that celebrate both my daughters. I have the original artwork for each watch, too, so that is an added value to a very cherished item.  

We are almost at the end of this series and there are some great Disney Christmas watches that I can't wait to share.