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My Disney Time: Week 48 - Holiday Family Party

It's time for some Christmas themed Disney watches. I have several to share with you in these final weeks of this series. My Disney Time, Week 48, features 

Since 1955, The Walt Disney Company hosted a Cast Member Holiday Party at Disneyland. Disneyland would close early a couple night in early December so that employees of the Walt Disney Company could enjoy a fun family night at Disneyland. Employees from the Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland Parks would have designated nights to enjoy the holiday decor. Part of the tradition was that the Marines were also present to collect Toys for Tots during these two Cast Member nights. 

As  Disneyland Cast Member, it was a very fun event that everyone looked forward to. Food was half off, there was different entertainment, and you could pose for pictures with Disney characters. You usually worked one night and then came in the other night. Half the fun was also seeing you managers work in costume in different locations. I remember on holiday party where Michael Eisner could be found working an hour or two in costume at Coke Corner on Main Street. There were also lots of people who used to work at the Park but now worked Studios who would work an attraction for old times. It was not uncommon to find Imagineers volunteering their time and working in full costume on The Jungle Cruise. VPs could be found driving the Main Street cars up and down Main Street all the way to Fantasyland. It was fun times. 

This holiday watch was one that I purchased for this particular event. I really liked the retro Disney family that was depicted on the watch. It's the same family that is featured on My Disney Time, Week 14

It was only made available during the event. This was a very limited offering with only 500 pieces made. I have number 289. It looks hand drawn, too, that is reminiscent of the Disney Artisan watches. 

My Disney Time, Week 48: Disneyland Family Holiday Party 1998

Sadly, The Disney Company finally ended this tradition last year. No more exclusive December Disneyland holiday party for company employees. There is now a variation where Disney employees are given designated days to bring family in to enjoy Disneyland Parks during the holiday season with some extra discount passes. At least many Cast Members, past and present have cherished memories of the Disneyland Family Holiday parties of the past. I know I do and I have this special Disney watch as a keepsake, too.



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