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My Disney Time: Week 50 - Daisy Duck Artisan Watch

My Disney Time, Week 50 celebrates a very special occasion for me. It is my 20th wedding anniversary and this Disney watch was given to me for my 1st anniversary. It is another special order Disney Artisan Watch that features Daisy Duck.

 My Disney Time, Week 50: Daisy Duck Artisan Watch

My Disney Time, Week 50: Daisy Duck Artisan Watch

This was the first Disney Artisan watch that I received. My sweet husband, MacSparky, secretly worked with some of my Disney friends and an artist to come up with this final design. I had the original artwork framed and matted. Below is a snapshot of the artwork. There is an artist signature and year (1994) on the bottom right hand corner.

This particular design really lends itself to a very pretty watch design. The pearls are so perfect for Daisy Duck and the way the artist did our names fills in the white space.

It has a black faux leather band. I like that there is Mickey Mouse head that is part of the watch buckle. The back of the watch is very simple. There is no number since it is a special order and customized Disney Artisan watch. 

Yes, I got married a week before Christmas. Seems crazy but it was so much fun! We had Christmas themed wedding invitations, mini fresh Christmas trees as the centerpieces, and Santa Clause even made an appearance at the reception. It was a memorable holiday celebration filled with love, family, and friends. 

wedding photo.JPG

20 years goes super fast yet it feels like yesterday. I still have a big crush on my husband. He's my Happily Ever After!

Tick Tock!