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My Disney Time - Week 7: Disneyland Cast Member

Welcome to Week 7 of My Disney Time. Here's another Cast Member exclusive watch to share with you. It features a classic rendition of "thinking Mickey" wondering what time he has to work. I love the classic yellow Mickey Mouse shoes and iconic red shorts that really pop on this watch design. I also love the iconic and classic blue DISNEYLAND castle logo that is depicted here. 

My Disney Time - Week 7: Time to Work

During the early 1990s, it was popular for different Disneyland departments to offer special edition watches in order to fund raise for their end of summer banquets. Sometimes there were flyers posted Backstage or there were special offers at the Cast Member store (Company D), too. You just had to keep your ears and eyes open for Cast Member special offerings.

The one thing I thought funny about this being a Cast Member exclusive watch is that the numbers were not in military time. You see, Disneyland runs on on a 24 hour clock since there are shifts that begin and end within a 24 hour period. You had to learn how to read military time so you could figure out what time your shifts started and began. Someone is always coming or going to work at Disneyland no matter what time of the day it was. I always tell my kids that my Disneyland shifts have started as early as 3am (0300); and I have gotten off work as late as at 3am. Disneyland Cast Members work day shifts, night shifts, swing shifts and grave yard shifts, too. It takes a lot of people and time to prepare, maintain and execute the Disneyland magic.

This particular watch was a small edition with only 300 pieces made. That made it appealing to me when I purchased it. During the 1990s, there were probably less than 8000 Disneyland Cast Members since there was only one Park. Disney's California Adventure had not opened yet. So there were very few of these fun Mickey Mouse watches to go around. 

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