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Disneyland explored.

My Disney Time - Week 8: Main Street USA

The watch I chose to feature this week brings back many, many dear memories. When I got a summer college job at Disneyland, I got hired into Main Street Merchandise. Main Street, USA is the very first area you walk into when you enter Disneyland. It was inspired by Walt Disney's hometown of Marceline, Missouri. 

My Disney Time - Week 8: Main Street USA

I love this watch for not only of the memories it brings, but for its color design. The watch features City Hall and the bright red iconic Mickey Mouse balloon. I like that it says DISNEYLAND as opposed to a more general term like DISNEY. FInally, I spoke about the 24 hour work clock used at Disneyland in Week 7. I like that this watch has military time around the rim.

This watch was made to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Disneyland. Main Street, USA was a "land" that opened with Disneyland in 1955, so it is an original of sorts. The watch was a limited piece available to Cast Members. I have #269 of 300 made. Gotta love those small edition timepieces.  

Main Street, USA is where lots of Disneyland magic begins. It's the street you walk on and get a first glimpse of The Castle. It's where you can get your maps, information, and shopping done. It's the first place you walk into, and the last place you walk out of Disneyland. For me, Main Street, USA was where my Disneyland career started.