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Disneyland explored.

My Disney Time - Week 5: Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata...  That is the "problem free philosophy" of Pumbaa and Timon from Disney's The Lion King (1994). The characters simply tried to live with "no worries". Having a carefree attitude is something we need sometimes.

This week, I am sharing my Pumbaa and Timon Disney watch. When I wore it to work, it would remind me to "have no worries". I was working at Disneyland at The Happiest Place on Earth, right? What problems could there be? All Guests were in The Park to simply have a great time. People were at Disneyland for some Hakuna Matata.

My Disney time - Week 5

This watch was made available for Cast Members only at the company store called, Company D. It was a fun watch to wear with the bugs flying around that acted as the second hand. Of course bugs were the food of choice for the characters of Pumbaa and Timon.

This watch was a limited edition timepiece. I have number 285 out of 1700. It's always cool to get a very low number on a limited edition item. I also like how the Company D logo is on the back of this watch. 

Some days we just have to channel a little Hakuna Matata. 

Tick- Tock!