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My Disney Time - Week 12, Guest Control

My Disney Time - Week 12, Guest Control Watch

Sharing another Disneyland Cast Member exclusive watch with you. This one even came with some kind of "easter egg" surprise with it.

It takes controlled planning to direct Disneyland Guests through the maze of ropes that may designate walkways during parades and shows. For the Cast Members who are assigned those roles of directing people traffic, that role (job) is referred to as GUEST CONTROL. 

Directing Guests can very much be an acquired taste of sorts. Some Cast Members are really good at and just love it. There is plenty of Guest interaction that happen on the Guest Control route. You are either chatting happily with Guests waiting for a show to start, or calmly, yet forcefully telling Guests to move. Guest Control on a very busy day can definitely be a challenge; and be full of great stories.

This week's My Disney Time features a watch with Mickey Mouse in his Guest Control costume complete with a Guest Control flashlight. I like that Mickey is featured and stands out on the watch face. There are no numbers on the face but you can see the military time around the rim of the watch. So helpful since Disneyland functions on military time. 

This watch not only came in a cool wooden box, but also had a little surprise in it. This collectible watch came with a coordinating Disney pin. In 1994, commemorative Disney Pins were still a new thing. It would another couple years before the Disney Pin Trading craze would really become popular. 

This collectible timepiece was limited to 750 pieces. I have number 184. What's not to love about a watch that features a full body Mickey Mouse complete with a matching Disney trading pin.  

Something like Spring Break is one of the busiest seasons at Disneyland. This watch reminds me of how important a function like Guest Control is at Disneyland in order to keep a little order during those show and parade times. 

Tick Tock!