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Disneyland explored.

My Disney Time - Week 13, A Very Goofy Watch

Thought this watch would be a good one to feature this week. April's Fools Day reminds me of Goofy. He is one pretty zany character who just goes with the flow. For all his clumsiness  and absent-mindedness, he is simply endearing. 

When this watch first arrived at the Main Street Store (New Century Jewelry), there was a lot of head scratching to figure this one out. The watch really exemplifies Goofy's character because the numbers and hands run counter-clockwise. It just takes a little time to get used to but it is sure a fun conversation piece.

My DIsney Time - Week 13, Backwards Goofy Watch

I remember a Guest who purchased the watch in the store who was a dentist. He loved it. With the small dentist mirror he used on his patients, he would be able to read this particular watch with no problem. It really sounds and looks goofy but half the fun is asking your friends to read the time for you when you have this watch on.

This Goofy design had come in a gold version made by Pedre Watch Co. I bought this gold backwards Goofy watch for my husband to enjoy. Lorus had also come out with the same backwards Goofy design but in a silver version. Other than the PEDRE name on the back of the watch, there are no other markings to note if this was a limited run. It's really a cool watch to have in my Disney watch collection since it is so unique and oh so Goofy!


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