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My Disney Time - Week 9: Indiana Jones Adventure

I am excited to share this week's watch. The coordinating box to this watch is just as interesting. Presenting the Indiana Jones Adventure watch. 

It was March 4, 1995 when the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye attraction officially opened at Disneyland.  It was a collaboration between Lucasfilm and Disney. This new attraction would serve as a prelude and inspiration for the Disneyland's 40th anniversary celebration (40 years of Adventures).

Indiana Jones Watch (top of watch crate)

The box that it came in represents a crate that is filled with wood shavings. It does feel like a genuine artifact - Disney style. This watch is highly themed to celebrate the Indiana Jones attraction. It is very detailed from the picture of Mara on the face, secret symbols, and the stamped leather band. 

My Disney Time - Week 9: Indiana Jones Adventure (Disneyland)

The queue was meant to be an interactive line so there are all sorts of details including some Marabic symbols that required decoding. When you would enter through The Temple, Guests were given a decoder to help decipher the symbols. These symbols are the same ones that are on the inside of the watch box crate. The symbols on the watch face spell out DISNEYLAND.


Indiana Jones Adventure Decoder card

Sadly, with the introduction of FastPass, Guests no longer wait through the interactive queue and mostly walk by all the fun messages and details that were thoughtfully located throughout the queue. There is no time to spend time decoding symbols and pretending to be like Indiana Jones looking for clues. The decoder cards are no longer distributed as they are not needed. 

This was a Cast Member exclusive and with a small production of 3000 pieces. I have number 790. The symbols on the back of the watch read TEAM PRIDE. 

My husband, MacSparky, is a huge Indiana Jones fan. So this attraction is the best of both worlds(Lucasfilm + Disney) for our family. It is a really fun family adventure to board a jeep and follow Indiana Jones into the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. You see new things every time you ride it. There are a number of ride combinations that can happen each time. There are lots of backstories, fun facts and hidden Mickey's, too.

From the interesting watch design to the attraction to the Indiana Jones movies, there are so many things that come to mind with this watch. There are so many things to talk about with this Indiana Jones Adventure watch. So there are many reasons why I love this fun watch.  

Leaving you with a trailer for the Indiana Jones Adventure.  

Tick Tock! 


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