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Get your Bruxie on!

My friend, Jason, asked me to cover a media event for his blog, Sasaki Time. Happy my schedule worked out to help a friend and dine at one of my favorite places, Bruxie. There was a new Bruxie location opening in Huntington Beach so I went to scope it out. 

First, I love that there are now a growing number of Bruxie locations so that everyone can get a chance to enjoy these delicious eats. This is location number 5 for Bruxie. I went armed to take some notes. They passed out some yummy beverages like the Creamsicle float. Tasted just like an orange creamsicle.  All their sodas are made with pure cane sugar. They offer cola, orange, lemon-lime, vanilla cream colas plus root beer, too. I tried a spiced cola and it was delicious. Still tasted like cola with just a little hint of spice. 

 Bruxie - 180 5th Street Huntington Beach, CA

Bruxie - 180 5th Street Huntington Beach, CA

This Huntington Beach is the perfect fit for the surf and beach crowd. The Bruxie waffle makes for a delicious light and crisp sandwich all around the clock. Everything is cooked when ordered. Choose either a sweet or savory combination and you have a surprisingly filling and great food alternative to beach burgers, hotdogs, and sandwiches. We were able to sample some of the most popular Bruxie menu offerings. 

Savory Waffles: Smoked Salmon Lox & Dill Cream Cheese, Green Eggs & Ham(grilled ham with arugula pesto), Hot Pastrami Bruxie

 Sweet Waffles: Lemon Cream & Berries, Nutella & Bananas

Sweet Waffles: Lemon Cream & Berries, Nutella & Bananas

There are lots of choices in both the savory and sweet categories. My kids love the Irish Nachos (I think we ate it all before we could snap a photo). It is crispy waffle fires with a homemade cheese sauce sprinkled with bacon, sour cream and chives. Can you blame us for inhaling that food offering? 

There are several salads that you can choose from, too. They do offer just "Belguim Originals" waffles if you just want a quick snack or treat. The frozen custard is thick and oh-so-yummy. That's why you have to go often so you can sample everything and decide for yourself which are you favorites. You almost have to decide if you want dessert or a meal; or make your meal from the sweet offerings. 

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffle. Bruxie Salad

One of the features that make this Bruxie location different from the others is that there is a walk-up window. That is what makes it a perfect fit for Huntington Beach. Bruxie is located on a corner, not far the pier and close enough from PCH. Having that Bruxie Street-side window will be great for all that foot traffic. 

Grab some coffee or a latte, too. Bruxie has a full barista bar and offers Peet's coffee. That will hit the spot in the early mornings or cooler evenings. 

Bruxie Streetside window

The decor at Huntington Beach is signature Bruxie with the garage door type windows. Seat yourself and be ready to experience a Bruxie while enjoying the ocean breeze, too.

Thanks to Jason, for letting me cover this event for Sasaki Time. A special thanks to Mona, who was very welcoming and answered lots of my questions. Cheers to the Huntington Beach Bruxie Team for a great preview and preparing the yummy Bruxie offerings. 

Go for The Bold Fold!


PS: CLICK HERE to see a short BRUXIE video that we created for our visit to Bruxie, Huntington Beach.