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My Disney Time - Week 14, Retro Disneyland

I grew up watching re-runs of the original Mickey Mouse Club. I remember watching those Beach Party movie re-runs only because I wanted to see more of Annette Funicello. In the 1990s, I remember Annette on QVC as she introduced the world to her love of bears with her own collection. She even participated in at Disneyland's 1st Annual Teddy Bear Classic back in 1993. Those I know who have met her always remark at how genuinely nice she was. A true sweetheart. It was sad to hear of her death.

When you think of Annette Funicello, you can't help but think of Mickey Mouse and Disney. Been reading lots of heartfelt tributes on the internet and seeing lots of photos of her at Disneyland during the 1960s. It is always interesting to see photos of vintage Disneyland in its early days and see how people dressed back then. People dressed up in their Sunday best to go to Disneyland. 

This watch for Week 14 of My Disney Time reminds me of Disneyland in its early years.

Week 14 - My Disney Time, Disneyland Retro Watch

This watch is very retro in its overall design including the blue box it came in. I love the 1955 family that is on the face of the watch. Dad in his suit, mom in her pretty dress, and their two kids (a girl for her, a boy for him).  Junior has his Mickey Mouse ears so he is ready for Disneyland Fun. 

The blue box that is came in features some iconic attraction art in that era. Love the Disneyland classic logo done in that gold color, too. It all screams vintage Disneyland. 

My Disney Time, Week 14 - Retro Disneyland

This watch had a very limited run with only 500 pieces made exclusively for Cast Members. I like that "Disneyland" on the back of the watch was written out in its iconic font. The receipt was still in the box so I am able to document that I purchased this watch in 1995. Looks like this watch was designed to celebrate Disneyland's 40th Anniversary so it made sense that it had a retro feel to it. 

Photo from Disneyland Scoop

Disneyland Scoop had this photo on their Facebook page yesterday to remember Annette Funicello. I think it says it all about someone who was probably one of the first mega teen superstars.

Now it's time to say goodbye...

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