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My Disney Time, Week 20 - Happy Birthday, Donald Duck!

I have so many friends and relatives with a May birthdays. These celebrations made me remember that I have a Disney watch that commemorates a very special birthday, Donald Duck's 60th birthday in 1994.

My Disney Watch - Week 20, Donald Duck 60th Birthday (1994).

Who can't love this original angry bird? Donald Duck is comic relief and beloved friend of Mickey Mouse. His sailor suit is so iconic. I love that this watch features two of Donald's nemesis, Chip & Dale. These two lovable chipmunks live to make life a bit crazy for Donald. It is so appropriate that Chip & Dale serve as the second hand on this special watch. As they run around the watch, it looks like Donald is trying to shoo them away. 

I also like that the numbers on the watch are represented by embellishments that look like birthday candles. The watch did come in this really cute birthday cake box. There are images of Donald Duck as he has changed throughout the years.

There used to be a publication called "Disney Magazine". There were always a variety of Disney related articles, advertisements, and special product offerings. I purchased this watch from Disney Magazine as it was offered as a special commemorative watch for Donald's 60th birthday back in 1994. The back of the watch features the Disney Magazine logo and occasion of the watch. It was a limited release and I have #1416 of 5000.

Donald Duck looks pretty good after all these years of being angry and not having any pants, don't you think? He's one lucky duck to have been a Disney fan favorite for many years.

Wishing you all a great long weekend. On Memorial Day, take a moment to remember those who have sacrificed their lives while in the United States Armed Forces. God Bless America!