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My Disney Time: Week 21 - It's Daisy Duck!

Happy end of May,

Last week I featured my Donald Duck watch. This week, I figured that Daisy Duck needed some attention. So, week 21 of My Disney time features one of my all time favorite watches from my collection, Daisy Duck!

My Disney Time - Week 21, Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck is known as Minnie Mouse's BFF. When I was growing up, there was very Daisy Duck souvenirs and paraphernalia available. When I worked at Disneyland, people knew that I collected all things Daisy Duck so they would notify me whenever something Daisy Duck was available. 

I didn't think twice about purchasing this Daisy Duck watch. The red band was a bonus as it is my favorite color. To top it off, it was a collectible piece. It was made to celebrate the original Ingersoll Character Watch collection. Ingersoll was the company that Walt Disney partnered with in 1948 for the first Mickey Mouse watch.

I do love that on the back of this watch it reads "DAISY". I have number 363 of 1900 pieces. It's a woman's size watch made for the fan of that sassy Daisy Duck. Every now and then, I either receive a card or something Daisy Duck as a gift from my family or friends who know that I am a fan of all things Daisy Duck. 

Tick Tock!