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My Disney Time, Week 18 - Celebrating a Mother to 101 Dalmatians

It's that time to celebrate all things mom. My Disney Time, Week 18, features a very busy "mom" of some rambunctious "children". With 101 Dalmatians to look after, Perdita hardly has downtime. Perdita and Pongo already had 15 of their own when they decided to adopt 84 more dalmatians. Mom(Perdita) + Dad(Pongo) + 99 pups = A Hundred and One Dalmatians!

My Disney Time, Week 18 - 101 Dalmatians

My favorite element of this watch is seeing the dalmatian pups chasing each other around the watch, acting as the second hand. I also really like the simple black and white color scheme that reflects the dalmatians. The pop of red used as watch numbers was the perfect accent, too. This is another Cast Member only watch that was available at the Company D store. It only had a limited run of 1000 timepieces. I have 96 of 1000. 

When you think of Disney movies, you think of princess, princes, and funny sidekicks. You have to really think about Disney movie mothers since most Disney characters grow up without their mother. The evil stepmothers are infamous and most people can name those. I Found this entry with the lowdown about the roles of mothers in Disney media

A most recent Disney movie mom that you would not to mess around with is Helen Parr, aka Elastigirl, from the Incredibles. She is one tough mama. She's one mother I can easily relate when it comes to doing everything and anything to protect your kids from harm. 

I hope you have wonderful plans to celebrate all the special "moms" in your lives. A pretty watch that is chosen to reflect a hobby, passion, or momento can always make for a thoughtful Mother's Day gift. Happy Mother's Day!



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