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My Disney Time, Week 23: Mick Tracy

Summer vacation is almost here. My Disney Time, Week 23 features a watch I bought back in the Summer of 1990.  

 My Disney Time, Week 23: Mick Tracy

My Disney Time, Week 23: Mick Tracy

Disneyland used to host a Summer Company Picnic for its Cast Members. You have to remember that in 1990, there was only one park and half the Cast Members that exist today at the Disneyland Resort. So, a company picnic was manageable. There was always a theme and it ran most of the day so that Cast Members could come before or after their work shifts. 

In the summer of 1990, Disney released Dick Tracy.  The movie was released under Touchstone Pictures which is owned by the Walt Disney Company. It was a big summer movie release that year. So it made sense that Disneyland would support it in different ways.  

The theme for the summer 1990 Disneyland company picnic was Mick Tracy. It was a pretty fun theme since Mickey Mouse was outfitted in the same Dick Tracy costume. The colors were the same and even the images were similar. The character Dick Tracy had a watch communicator that he used. He would say into his watch "I'm on my way." So a MICK TRACY watch just made sense in the world of Dick Tracy and Disney.  

I purchased my Mick Tracy at the company picnic. It was a limited watch design in that it was only sold that summer. The back of the watch has the year and MICK TRACY in that same font style as the Dick Tracy marketing brand. 



Hope you all have some great summer adventures planned.