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My Disney Time, Week 24: Goofeteer

Way late posting this week. The end of the school year always lends itself to a pretty hectic schedule. So back to our regularly scheduled programming: My Disney Time, Week 24 features, The Goofeteer.

My Disney Time, Week 24: Goofeteer

In 1991, Walt Disney Pictures released The Rocketeer. The movie is based on a comic book and the making of this film has its own story. The Rocketeer uses a rocketpack to become a "high flying masked hero" to save the day. 

It was a big summer movie release so it made sense that this movie influenced the theme and design for the 1991 Disneyland Cast Member Summer picnic.  It was great that lovable Goofy was chosen to become The Rocketeer character. 


This Goofeteer watch is such a fun design. To see Goofy as the masked high-flying hero just makes a lot of Disney sense, right? It was a limited edition made for this event. I have number 169 out of 860 timepieces. 

With all this rocket talk, I hope you get a chance to see the Supermoon this weekend. Get some time to star gaze and enjoy this first weekend of the summer season!