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My Disney Time, Week 25: FANTASMIC!

Summer time makes me think of outdoor shows and Disneyland's FANTASMIC! show. My Disney Time, Week 25 features a Disneyland original, FANTASMIC!


My Disney Time - Week 25: FANTASMIC!

Fantasmic! first debuted at Disneyland in May of 1992. It takes place on the Rivers of America during the evenings. It's magical to see the Rivers of America be transformed into Mickey Mouse's imagination and see how it plays out. The intimacy of Disneyland and this venue as the stage for this nighttime spectacular makes for a great Disney show. Yes, I am biased but it's apples and oranges for me between Fantasmic! at Disneyland vs. Fantasmic! at Walt Disney World(Hollywood Studios).  

This watch is one of my favorites simply due to the Disneyland memories that I associate with it. All those summer hours working on Disneyland Main Street, specifically in the Magic Shop brings warm memories of the life long friends that I made while working at The Happiest Place on Earth. You always knew when the Fantasmic! show was over and that constant rush of shoppers would come through that lasted until we closed at midnight. It was like Christmas Eve shoppers every night during the summer.

This Fantasmic! watch was a Disneyland Cast Member exclusive only available at the Company D store. It was released for the debut of this show in 1992. I have number 89 out of 2500 produced. It's fun to see the Company D logo on the back of this commerative watch. 

Fantasmic! remains one of my favorite shows. It simply a thrilling production with a fire breathing dragon who lights the Rivers of America on fire. The music is memorable and fun. "Use your imagination..." 

You'll have to also check out this link of a super Fantasmic! fan who created a miniature Fantasmic! show. It's pretty amazing the amount of detail that went into it; truly a labor of love.

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