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My Disney Time - Week 22, Disneyland Canoe Races

Happy June! It's that time of year at Disneyland where the Cast Members will be firming up their teams. So My Disney Time, Week 22, features the Disneyland Canoe Races.  

My Disney Time, Week 22: Disneyland Canoe Races

This Disneyland tradition has been going strong since 1963. It is a highly anticipated Cast Member event. It's an awesome Cast activity with the ultimate sacrifice to be at The Rivers of America as early as 5am. You have to row before the Park opens at 8am. There are several weeks of qualifying rounds. There are Co-Ed teams, Women's and Men's. Even Cast Members from Burbank who work at The Disney Studios have been known to participate. Every year the teams get seconds faster. 

I had to experience it so I can proudly say that I have participated in my share of the Disneyland Canoe Races. Once on a Women's team and another on a Co-Ed team. You can't beat the adrenaline rush that comes with the race. You feel the burn in your arms immediately. It's a grueling workout in a short amount of time. I've cheered my teams on as a spectator, too. That's almost just as fun to lift up the teams in that final stretch. 

I bought this special watch in 1993. It was a special design to commemorate the 30th anniversary of this Cast Member event. I love all the characters that are in the canoe. If you look closely, it is definelty a Disney character canoe team divided. Their oars are in opposite directions. It was a limited piece and I have #358 out of a 1000. 

This year will mark the events 50th anniversary. I am sure it will be an early morning summer spectacular. There have been teams that have been around every year. The Disneyland Canoe Races are all run by volunteer Cast Members, too. I encourage anyone who works at Disneyland to either watch or participate in a Canoe race. 

This post is dedicated to my die hard Disneyland Canoe friends, Danny and Brian. Danny twisted my arm to join his team and I got to row in my first race. We would get off work at 200 am, go to breakfast, and be back for the first time slot to row. Than we would go home, get some sleep and be back at work the next evening. Brian LIVES for these races. It wouldn't be Canoes without Brian on the dock. My other friend, Janet, needs some Canoe love, too. I am confident that Janet and her team organize run a memorable 50th Canoe Anniversary event.

Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!