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My Disney Time - Week 28: Main Street Electrical Parade

My Disney Time, Week 28 reminds me of one of my favorite Disneyland summer memories, The Main Street Electrical Parade.  

Main Street, USA is the place to be when you watch a Disneyland parade.  I worked a lot of summer nights on Main Street and you were always ready for the hustle and bustle before a parade started and after. The Main Street Electrical Parade music (Baroque Hoedown) is lively and fun. When that iconic music started and the lights went off, you knew the parade was coming soon.

As a Cast Member working in the store those summer summer nights, that 45 minutes when the parade came down Main Street meant that it was time to furiously reset and restock the store before pure madness would come through the doors. Main Street store traffic after a summer parade is like having Christmas Eve shoppers every night until midnight. 

Week 28 - My Disney Time: Main Street Electrical Parade

I love this Main Street Electrical Parade watch for many reasons. First, it is issued for the 20th anniversary (1972 - 1992); the face is a replica of one of the float banners; there are float images that scroll around the watch; it also plays the iconic music. The roman numerals on the outside of the face is a different design that most. The case also has a fun insert to celebrate the milestone. There is a button on the left hand side that when pushed, will play a small snippet of the Electrical Parade music. This watch was only available to Disneyland Cast Members.

The Main Street Electrical Parade made its final run down Main Street USA in November 1996. It made a brief appearance at Walt Disney World in 1999 to help celebrate their Millenium event. It reappeared at Disney's California Adventure from 2001 to 2010. There is segment that has been sent to Disneyland, Paris. The parade currently makes it show run at The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. 

Wishing you a little bit of pixie dust to fill your weekend.