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My Disney Time, Week 30: Disney Watch Cabinet

Back to our regular programming. I am gonna play catch up for the next couple days but I have some Disney watches that I re-discovered. It was like treasure.

My Disney Time, Week 30 features the actual watch cabinet that holds some of my most favorite Disney watches.


My Disney Time: Week 30 - Daisy's Watch Cabinet

My husband, MacSparky, gave this handmade watch cabinet to me as a Christmas gift back in 1993, our first Christmas together. We had just gotten married a week before so I was completely wowed by it.  

MacSparky's dad was a carpenter/woodworker. MacSparky always said that he grew up holding nails for his dad. He learned a lot just by watching his dad build and make things for their house. When MacSparky's dad passed away (Jan 1993), the many tools were passed on to him. Bill Sparks was a great model (husband, father, woodworker, friend) and I know there is a lot of him in MacSparky. 

This watch cabinet is the first handmade piece of furniture my husband made. The details are simple but beautiful. It is made out of walnut and there are some dovetail work. The scrolls on the front were pre-made but the iconic Mickey Mouse shape was hand done. There is a velvet sheet and cup hooks that hold my watches. There is also a small light strip inside the cabinet located on the very top. It's simply a cherished hand-crafted watch cabinet that we have enjoyed for many years. 


Handmade Mickey Mouse shape & hand turned final made by MacSparky

Not only was it a beautiful piece but functional, too. It didn't take me long to fill it up. So I had to decided what I wanted to put in it. Since I had a lot of Disneyland Cast Member exclusive watches, those are the ones that are featured in the watch cabinet. I also used the space to feature my many name tags that I had during my Disneyland career. It's fun to see how name tags have evolved. 

Join me over the next couple days while I share more of my Disney collectible watches and some stories that go with them. 

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