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My Disney Time, Week 33 - Alice's White Rabbit

Over the next several posts, I will be sharing a mini-collection that I have. This fun book-watch collection is perfect to coincide with back to school month. 

The Disney Stores created some watches specifically to be collectibles. In this 1993 book series, they released this book series. There were 6 watches that were available on a monthly basis. If you purchased all 6, then you received another special watch on that 7th month. There were only 7500 pieces available per watch. I was only able to snag 3 and I will show each one over the next several days. 

Each of the watches came in this small book packaging. They were meant to be displayed like books. The spines pretty much tell you everything you need to know about what the watch subject and design will be. When you open the book, it reveals the watch and a famous snippet of the Disney classic movie being showcased.  

My Disney Time, Week 33 features the Alice in Wonderland timepiece, featuring the White Rabbit.  

Inside book cover for Alice in Wonderland watch

I love this particular timepiece because it only features the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. The watch itself is the famous pocket watch that White Rabbit favors. Alice is nowhere on this watch at all. This watch will always have White Rabbit telling you "I'm Late! I'm Late for a very important date!"

My Disney Time, Week 33: Alice In Wonderland's White Rabbit

The other feature I enjoy about this watch is that the wrist band actually has DISNEY engraved on it. There were only 7500 of these watches available and I have 370. On the back of the watch it reads: "The Disney Store's Watch Collector's Club, Series II."

Wishing you lots of luck this Friday the 13th!

Tick Tock!