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My Disney Time - Week 35: Lady & the Tramp

My Disney Time - Week 35 features Lady & The Tramp. How can you not think of the famous spaghetti scene when this movie is brought up? 

My Disney Time - Week 35: Lady & the Tramp

Lady & the Tramp was released in 1955. It features the memorable songs like Bella Notte, and He's a Tramp that was sung by the lovely Peggy Lee who voiced the character of Peg (and Darling, too). Lady & the Tramp is a Disney Animated Classic. 

I like that this is a square watch. It has a gold rim and brown faux croc leather band. The fun, quirky numbers on the face compliment the the scene on the watch face. The way it is packaged is very cool so that when you open the book, it looks like a scene from the movie. This watch was also limited to 7500 and I have 3857.

If you haven't seen Lady & the Tramp, make some time during the holidays or even on Valentine's day to watch it with your family or loved one. It is the classic tale of "boy meet girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl." There are some memorable sidekicks in the story like the crusty ole Jock the Scottish Terrier. Tramp is one of the underdogs that you just want to root to win, too. 

This is my last watch that I own from this Disney Store watch collector's series. There were a total of 6 so I only was able to get half of them. But they still hold a special place in my personal collection.