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My Disney Time, Week 31 - Sleeping Beauty

My Disney Time, Week 31 features a beautiful ceramic case that holds a Sleeping Beauty watch. The Sleeping Beauty motion picture was released in 1959. Sleeping Beauty's name is Princess Aurora and her name when she is in hiding is Briar Rose. 

My Disney Time - Week 31: Sleeping Beauty

Most Disney collectible watches came in interesting packaging. This one came in a very special container that also serves as a decorative piece. From the way her golden hair lays on the pillow to her red lips, the design and colors are fantastic. When you lift the top piece off, the watch lays on the bed.

I love the use of the roman numerals on the face of the watch. It adds to its elegant look. There is a pretty silver and gold design around the rim of the watch. Sleeping Beauty is depicted with her blue gown and flowing hair. Today, you usually see the Sleeping Beauty character in a pink dress. Most of the Sleeping Beauty costumes available are also the pink version. It's like the fairy godmothers are still fighting over the color of her dress. Blue! Pink! Blue! Pink!

I still have my receipt in this box so it told me that I purchased this unique watch at Disneyland in 1997. It was priced at $95 but I got my Cast Member discount back then. It was exclusive for purchase at the Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resorts. It was also limited to only 3000 pieces. I have number 856.

Sleeping Beauty fun facts: It was the last Disney animation film to use hand drawn cels. It was also the last fairy-tale inspired movie under the direction of Walt Disney.