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My Disney Time, Week 32: Chip n Dale

My Disney Times, Week 32 features another beautiful ceramic that holds a fun Disney collectible watch. 

 Chip and Dale are famous chipmunks who love to create havoc for Donald Duck. They first appeared in the 1943 cartoon short Private Pluto. I always remember that Chip has the black nose - like a chocolate chip cookie and Dale has the red nose and gapped teeth. In 1989, Chip and Dale got their own series in Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers for Disney Afternoons. They were pretty cute as crime fighting sleuths.

My Disney Time - Week 32: Chip n' Dale

I purchased this watch through The Disney Catalog that used to be offered through The Disney Stores. Besides the cute ceramic piece that held the watch, I really liked the acorn shape of the watch. There are no numbers on the face and the simple watch hands let you know what time it is. The watch features Chip n' Dale in their place of happiness among their stash of acorns. 

This watch was created specifically for The Disney catalog. It was a very small edition limited to only 1500. I have number 322. 

Tick Tock!