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Music Mondays: Composer Michael Giachinno

If you are familiar with some of the songs from movies like Up, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille, then you have heard music composed by Michael Giachinno (pronounced "Juh-keen-oh"). These movie scores have such a range that I was fascinated that iconic tunes like Married Life from Up and the soundtrack from The Incredibles were written by the same composer. I had to read more about Giachinno. 

I learned that Giachinno got his start by writing the some musical scores for Disney Interactive for some of the video games. He was responsible for the music behind the popular video game, Medal of Honor. This particular work led to an email from J.J. Abrams who asked Giachinno if he would be interested in composing music for television. That led to Giachinno writing the score for shows like Alias and Lost. Eventually, Giachinno would write the musical score for the Mission ImpossibleStar Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness

After reading about Giachinno and his work on his website, it all made sense. Through his extensive and diverse body of work, he has become a composer who has succeeded to enhance the story in a movie through music. For example, how can you not go through all the emotions of cheering on the love between Carl and Ellie and then shedding a tear when the song (Married Life) ends? The montage of Carl and Ellie's love story was captured so beautifully with the music. That particular scene has no words, just the music. Cheers to Giachinno who won an Oscar, a Bafta and a Grammy for his music in UP

So I was pretty excited to read that Giachinno is already in production recording the music for Disney's Tomorrowland. This is due out by the end of this year. He has also written the music for Pixar's Inside Out which is scheduled for a summer 2015 release. I know we'll be hearing more of Giachinno's musical compositions for many more movies to come.

If you need more of his music in your library, you can visit Giachinno's iTunes page. You can see all his work there, too.  

Happy Monday!