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Disneyland explored.

Music Mondays: Jazz Loves Alice in Wonderland

Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland premiered in 1951. The theme song, Alice in Wonderland, plays during the opening and end credits. The music was composed by Sammy Fain and lyrics by Bob Hillard. Fain also wrote the music to You Can Fly (Peter Pan) and a couple standards you might know such as I'll Be Seeing You and Love is a Many Splendored Thing

I always associate the theme song from various Disneyland parades that featured an Alice in Wonderland section.  It is a pretty waltz. But did you know that it has become a jazz standard? It's simple melody make it easy for musicians to change the rhythm and make it their own. Jazz artists such as Chick CoreaDave Brubeck and Oscar Peterson have recorded their own versions of this song.  Perhaps the most famous jazz recording of Alice in Wonderland was done by the Bill Evans Trio with the 1961 release of Sunday at the Village VanguardTake a Monday break and enjoy this classic.

For many musicians, Alice in Wonderland is more than just a theme song from a Disney classic movie. You can do a search on iTunes, Amazon or YouTube and hear many versions of this theme song. Choose one or two and add it to your Disney music collection. If you have a favorite music version of Alice in Wonderland, let me know. 

Do you know how to get to Wonderland?