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Music Mondays - The Bells of Christmas

Happy December! 

santa clause movie.jpg

I love Christmas music. Everyone has their favorite classic Christmas tunes and it can really can set the mood for this time of year. When I walked through the Disneyland Esplanade the other week, I heard a Christmas song that I knew I had heard but was not that familiar with. I figured it had to be some Disney related song. I finally realized that it was a song from Disney's The Santa Clause movie (1994). 

The song I heard is called The Bells of Christmas. It was written and sung by Loreena McKennitt. It begins very softly and builds up to a very majestic sound. I can understand why it is part of the holiday soundtrack that is heard at the Disneyland Esplanade.

Here is the scene where the song is heard. 

Are you ready to get your Christmas cheer on? Start with building a great playlist for yourself. Find some new holiday tunes this year to add variety. Make some time to watch The Santa Clause movie, too. It is a good Disney holiday classic that will make you laugh, smile and delight in  the magic of the season. 

Happy Music Monday!