Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

The Backside of Disneyland

There is a famous Jungle Cruise line when the skippers pass by Schweitzer Falls....

I took the photo below from the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure and it reminded me of that Jungle Cruise spiel. When you see the "backside of Disneyland", you realize how small The Park really is. It really is amazing how much magic is packed into a small parcel of land. The Imagineers are so good at being intentional and thoughtful when it comes to use of space.


Can you see the Matterhorn peaking out from the Frontierland trees. On the other side of the trees is The Rivers of America. People like this view from the Parking Structure at night as they can get a view of the fireworks display. A little more to the left would be the area where fireworks are staged.

Whenever I see or pass by this area, I know that lots of fascinating work is going on behind the scenes 24-7. It is a very active backstage with lots of people (Cast Members) creating or finishing elements to put on The Disneyland show everyday. It's backstage magic. 

Wishing you lots of pixie dust!